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Network for Transdisciplinary Research (td-net)

Newsletter no. 4

April 2020


News from td-net


#HES2020 - Virtual Higher Education Summit 2020


LATEST UPDATE: We decided to make the #HES2020 a virtual event. Submissions are currently being reviewed and we are working on an exciting program.

The international event addresses the question "How can we assure quality and transformative learning for sustainable development?". More information on the conference website


Massive Open Online Course


Our Massive Open Online Course "Partnering for Change - Linking Research to Societal Challenges" is running now. It is still possible to join the course and learn on your own pace. The MOOC can also be integrated into your curricula, lectures and seminars. Enjoy the exchange with learners from more than 80 countries! Latest start date is 21. June. Sign up here


Td-net Webportal nun auch auf Deutsch und Französisch


Die meisten Seiten des td-net Webportals für Koproduktion von Wissen sind nun auch auf Deutsch und Französisch zugänglich. Die konkreten Methodenbeschreibungen bleiben in der Originalsprache; zurzeit meist in Englisch. Das td-net Team freut sich auf Beiträge in Deutsch und Französisch! Wer hat eine Methode entwickelt oder angewendet, die wir mit unserer Community von td Forschenden teilen könnten? Hinweise an 


Td-net portail en français et allemand


La plupart des pages du portail web pour la co-production de savoir ont maintenant été traduites en français et en allemand. Les profiles concrets de méthodes restent dans la langue d'origine; c'est-à-dire pour l'instant principalement en anglais. L'équipe du td-net se réjouit d'obtenir de nouvelles contributions en allemand et en français! Qui a développé ou appliqué une méthode que nous pourrions partager avec la communauté transdisciplinaire? Veuillez transmettre les indications à:


New events


7./8. May 2020


Grantsmanship for the Research Professional


Workshop, Online ❯❯


1 - 4 June 2020


SciTS 2020 virtual Conference


Conference, Online ❯❯


4 - 6 June 2020


6th Swiss Open Glam Hackathon


Workshop, Chur ❯❯


22 - 26 June 2020


Team Science Institute 2020


Workshop, Fort Collins ❯❯


24 - 28 August 2020


Summer School on Open Data and Open Access


Workshop, Zurich ❯❯


3./4. September 2020


THATCamp critique DIGITALE kritik


Konferenz, Universität Bern ❯❯


News from the community


Transdisciplinary Research Partnerships


TdResearch is a YouTube channel which shows a series of short video's on promoting ecological transition through transdisciplinary research. Researchers, citizens and stakeholders discuss key methods and design principles of inspiring transition research. The companion website to the "TdResearch" youtube channel provides background information on the short videos. YouTube Channel


A Study on Public Engagement of Science 


You are invited to participate in a study examining scientific researchers' attitudes, intentions, self- efficacy, and willingness regarding engagement with the lay public about science. This communication and interaction with the general public about science is termed 'Public Engagement of Science' (PES) in science communication literature and has been a topic of discussion in recent years. Through this study, the international network for advancing and evaluating the social impact of science, AESIS, seeks to gain further insight into PES participation and how PES is viewed in the scientific community. To the survey


Strategies to deal with forced hostile collaborations


How to avoid forced hostile collaborations by identifying an acceptable alternative is described by Kristine Lund in this blogpost. Key constraints points are 1) figure out the motivations and constraints of those forcing the collaboration, 2) play to your strengths and find an alternative research niche where the hostile partner is not a major player, 3) find an equally good or better partner in the alternative research niche, 4) keep lines of communication open with those forcing the collaboration, 5) use the new partner to attract new powerful supporters. To the blog


News from the Assembly 2020


The Sustainable Develoment Solutions Network (SDSN) Switzerland mobilizes universities, research centres, civil society organizations, business and other knowledge centers to create and implement transformative solutions to achieve the Agenda 2030 and Paris Agreement in Switzerland and beyond. Congratulations to Janet Hering to her election as co-Chair of SDSN Switzerland at the General Assemly in February

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Challenge-Led Research Practices


Bristol University Press is announcing their new subject collection on Challenge-Led Research Practices, led by Philippa Grand, Publisher for Research Methods and Practices.
Research practices are fast evolving. The rise of interdisciplinarity, the popularity of co-produced research, the ever-increasing importance of impact and the decolonial turn present challenges to traditional approaches to research and provide innovative and pioneering new methods and theories with which to address the challenges of the 21st century.

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Providing a richer assessment of research influence and impact


How capturing diversity in researcher influence & impact is essential for effective interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research is explored in this blog post. Reflective narratives on Julie Thompson Klein's work highlight the richness and range of individual contributions and the need to reward individual strenghts. Using reflective narrative requires attention to 1) contributor selection and 2) synthesis methods.


Project on formative evaluation, roles and science-society-interaction


The project “Normativity, Objectivity and Quality Assurance of Transdisciplinary Processes” (NorQuATrans) in Hamburg, Germany has now completed its team. Hermann Held (University of Hamburg) and Susanne Schuck-Zöller (GERICS) are the PIs of the project, the staff consists of Markus Dressel (philosopher) and Mirko Suhari (sociologist). Over the next two and a half years, the team will study theoretical and applied aspects of transdisciplinarity. On the applied side, they plan to develop concepts for a formative evaluation of transdisciplinary processes. On the theoretical side, they analyze the entanglement of the roles that different stakeholders may play in transdisciplinary research with normative background assumptions about science and society. Further information


The March/April 2020 i2S Newsletter is out


The current two-monthly newsletter features two stakeholder engagement tools, a tool for assessing values, two videos on systems thinking, the Journal of Science Communication, the Network of Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Research Organisations (NITRO) – Oceania, plus date changes for some key conferences. More




Verwoerd, L. et al. (2020)


Combining the roles of evaluator and facilitator: Assessing societal impacts of transdisciplinary research while building capacities to improve its quality 




Haller, T., Zingerli, C. (2020)


Towards Shared Research. Participatory and Integrative Approaches in Researching African Environments




Fritz, L., Meinherz, F. (2020)


Tracing Power in transdisciplinary sustainability research:  an exploration




Shakya, B. et al. (2020)


A Multiscale Transdisciplinary Framework for Advancing the Sustainability Agenda of Mountain Agricultural Systems




Rocha, P.L.B. et al (2020)


Fostering inter- and transdisciplinarity in discipline-oriented universities to improve sustainabilty science and practice




Chang, H. et al. (2020)


A community-engaged approach to transdisciplinary doctoral training in urban ecosystem services.




Duncan, R., Robson-Williams M., Fam, D. (2020)


Assessing research impact potential: using the transdisciplinary Outcome Spaces Framework with New Zealand's National Science Challenges




Mach, K.J. et al. (2020)


Actionable knowledge and the art of engagement




Defila, R., Di Giulio, A.  (2020)


Science policy recommendations for funding real-world laboratories and comparable formats






Call for New Exhibitors & Partners


Because of the current global Coronavirus crisis the BaselEduCa Expo 2020- 4th International Education & Career Exhibition was postponed to the new dates 11 - 12 November 2020. In this regards new interested applicants from all over the world countries are invited to join this beautiful event as Exhibitors/ Presenter/ Sponsor / Visitor or Guest. New application deadline for registration is 1. September, 2020 for Early Bird Application and 5 October, 2020 for Final Application. More information 


Ausschreibung 2020: KZS Seed Grants für Junior-Forschende


Für die Ausschreibung aus dem Käthe-Zingg-Schwichtenberg-Fonds (KZS-Fonds) stehen 250'000 Franken zur Verfügung. Die Beiträge aus dem KZS-Fonds sind ohne thematische Vorgabe ausgeschrieben, sind aber für Nachwuchsforschende vorgesehen, die eine wissenschaftliche Karriere in der bio-medizinischen, klinischen oder Public-Health-Ethik anstreben. Eingabefrist: 30. April 2020. Weiter


Pre-Announcement: Upcoming Call on Transdisciplinary Research for Ocean Sustainability


The Belmont Forum, in collaboration with Future Earth, will shortly be launching a Collaborative Research Action (CRA) call aimed at bringing together researchers and other expertise across the globe to innovate solutions to accelerate sustainable use of oceans and minimize the effects from global change. More


Jobs and fellowships


Deadline: 27 April 2020


Professor and Chair of Environmental Systems Analysis


Wageningen University & Research ❯❯


Frist: 3. Mai 2020


WissenschaftlicheR MitarbeiterIn 75% am Institut für Medizinische Elektrotechnik 


Universität zu Lübeck ❯❯


Deadline: 1 June 2020


Assistant professor/ tenure track Transdisciplinary Design of Infrastructures in the Environment


Delft University of Technology ❯❯

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