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Network for Transdisciplinary Research (td-net)

Newsletter no. 5

May 2020


News from td-net


Tour d'Horizon of Literature 2019 Survey


Every year we invite experts of inter- and transdisciplinarity to recommend the most important publications in the field of inter- and transdisciplinary research, education and practice. These recommendations will be compiled and published online on our website as «Tour d'Horizon 2019».
We would highly appreciate your participation in this survey until June 10th. To the survey


A conversation with the organisers of the #HES2020 


"The focus is on networking as well as transformative learning, assessment, quality assurance, and sustainable development, where we want to achieve both scientific and practical progress."  Read the whole conversation
Registration is open from 15 May to 31 July and the program is online since 15 May.


Massive Open Online Course on TD Research


Our Massive Open Online Course "Partnering for Change - Linking Research to Societal Challenges" is running now. Until 21 June it is possible to join the course and have 8 weeks to learn at your own pace. The MOOC can also be integrated into your curricula, lectures and seminars. Enjoy the exchange with learners from more than 80 countries! More information


New impulses for the td-net web portal


The scientific board of td-net extended the editorial board of its web portal: see community page  With their vast and complementary expertise the board members contribute to the quality assurance and further development of the td-net web portal for co-producing knowledge.


The first 29 members of the Swiss Young Academy have been elected!


Inter- and transdisciplinary projects will now hopefully receive new momentum thanks to the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. td-net wishes a good start to all! see the list here


Neuerung im td-net Team


Wir begrüssen herzlich Elena Paganoni und Nives Ramisberger in der Geschäftsstelle des td-net. Beide studieren Geographie an der Universität Bern und möchten mehr über transdisziplinäre Forschung wissen. Willkommen im Team!
Dafür verabschieden wir Ursula Schöni, die 2019 unsere Kommunikation führte - vielen Dank!


Save the date!


The International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2021 will take place 13.-17. September 2021 in Zürich. The conference is co-organised by td-net and USYS TdLab of ETH Zürich.


New events


Many events have been cancelled due to COVID-19


28. Mai 2020


Hybrid Futures - Zwischen Kunst und Wissenschaft


Spekulationen von Helgard Haug, Philipp Misselschwitz und Moritz Ahlert, Online ❯❯


4. Juni 2020


Vernetzungstreffen für Forschende, welche sich aus sozial-ökologischer Sicht mit der Corona Krise befassen


Treffen, Online ❯❯


9. & 15. Juni 2020


Prozessbegleitung und Facilitation in der partizipativen Forschung Basic


Workshop, Online ❯❯


17 June 2020


Exploring the Method Repertoire of Transdisciplinary Research for Citizen Science


Brown Bag Lunch, Zurich ❯❯


26. Juni 2020


Methoden und Tools für Ko-Kreation in der partizipativen Forschung


Workshop, Online ❯❯


2.-3. Juli 2020


Inter- und transdisziplinäre Lehrveranstaltungen planen


Workshop, Gustav-Stresemann-Institut Bonn ❯❯


5 - 7 October 2020


PhD Course, Criticality in Research/Criticality as Praxis


Course, Delft ❯❯


4 - 7 November 2020


Art of Participatory Leadership


Workshop, Geneva ❯❯


News from the community


Registration open


You are invited to join the International Science of Team Science Virtual Conference 2020. Registration is now open. The conference will focus on highlighting and pursuing excellence in studying, doing, and teaching team science. Register here


Mountain Research and Development


A new number of the transdisciplinary magazine about sustainable development in mountainous regions worldwide is out. Papers explore ways of supporting girls’ education in rural Nepal; forest fires on the slopes of Mount Kenya; how commercial medicinal plant collection improves high-altitude livelihoods and how forest use practices impact landscape hydrology, both in Nepal; and how snow affects landslide vegetation patterns in Japan. Two more propose a multiscale transdisciplinary framework for advancing sustainability in mountain agriculture and a strategy for integrated biodiversity monitoring in high mountain ecosystems. To the issue


Förderprogramm SWEET


«SWiss Energy research for the Energy Transition» - kurz SWEET - ist ein neues Förderprogramm des Bundesamts für Energie (BFE) für die Jahre 2021 bis 2032. Ziel von SWEET ist die Förderung von Innovationen, die zur erfolgreichen Umsetzung der Energiestrategie 2050 und der Erreichung der Schweizer Klimaziele nötig sind. Ergänzend zu bestehenden Förderprogrammen richtet sich SWEET gezielt an Konsortien, die über mehrere Jahre an trans- und interdisziplinären Projekten arbeiten. Erwünscht ist insbesondere die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Forschungseinrichtungen, Privatwirtschaft und öffentlicher Hand. Mehr Informationen


Lessons for improving interedisciplinary collaborations


What lessons for improving interdisciplinary collaborations emerged from the 2019 Science of Team Science conference are described by Julie Thompson Klein and Ben Miller in their blog post. They include: Partnering with communities from the beginning is crucial for creating agreement on goals, outcomes, & rewards, in the process building trust while identifying touch points tailoring messages sensitive to cultural differences, and Structured decision-making encourages value-focused thinking for finding solutions and maximizing objectives, while decomposing a problem into manageable chunks and fostering transparency in decision-making. To the blog


Transdisciplinary Sustainability Research - Linking research processes and outputs to societal effects


Transdisciplinary research can provide targeted support for the solution of complex societal problems. This is possible as transdisciplinary research includes knowledge gained from experience and from everyday life and thus expands the cognitive process incorporating this specific yet not scientific information. Now the question arises which is the best way for transdisciplinary research to advance its societal effects? A newly published special issue of the journal ‘Environmental Science & Policy’ is dealing with the topic in general and particularly addresses this question. To the special issue


Crowdfunding für die Wissenschaft


Die Crowdfunding-Plattform "wemakeit" bietet Forschenden seit 2017 die Möglichkeit, Projekte dank Spenden von Privaten zu verwirklichen. Im Januar 2017 startete die Crowdfunding-Plattform den Kanal Science Booster mit dem Ziel, herauszufinden, ob die Öffentlichkeit interessiert ist, Forscherinnen und Forscher aus der akademischen Welt finanziell zu unterstützen und als Gegenleistung mehr über deren Arbeit zu erfahren. Nach 3 Jahren zeigt sich ein deutlicher Erfolg.


Nationale Strategie zu offenen Forschungsdaten


Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft brauchen den freien Zugriff auf Forschungsdaten. 2021 soll eine nationale Open-Research-Data-Strategie in Kraft treten. Dies haben das SBFI, swissuniversities, der SNF und die beiden ETH vereinbart. SNF-Webseite zu offenen Forschungsdaten, Open Science Programm von swissuniversities


New Platform for Citizen Science Launched


THE EU-Citizen.Science - an online platform for sharing knowledge, tools, training and resources for citizen science – aims to foster the mainstreaming of citizen science, and builds on the growing impact of citizens participating in research and innovation. Amongst others, it offers an overview of citizen science projects. Interested stakeholders may also add their own initiatives. More information


Webinars on shaping conversation


A new series of webinars hosted by SHAPE-ID will run over the coming months around the integration of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in inter- and transdisciplinary research. Some of these events will stage broader conversations, with invited panellists from the SHAPE-ID community, consortium and Expert Panel. Others will focus on SHAPE-ID project results and on how to increase the uptake of recommendations from the project. More information


Neue Internetseite zu Siedlungsnatur


Die neue Webseite ist dem gemeinsamen Projekt des Forums Biodiversität Schweiz, Natur Umwelt Wissen und scaling4good gewidmet. Mehr, naturnahe und vernetzte Grünräume im Siedlungsraum und gleichzeitig eine verbesserte Lebensqualität der Menschen – das sind die Ziele des Projekts «Siedlungsnatur gemeinsam gestalten». Zusammen mit unseren Projektpartnern fördern wir die Biodiversität in Wohn- und Arbeitsumgebungen sowie in öffentlichen Grünflächen. Dies nützt auch den Menschen, denn so entstehen mehr Begegnungs- und Bewegungsräume, ein angenehmes Stadtklima und mehr Natur vor der Haustüre, die zum Staunen, Beobachten und Erholen einlädt.




Di Giulio, A., Defila, R. (2020)


Transdisziplinäre Umweltforschung: Wenn Wissenschaft zuhören lernt und Laien zu Fachleuten werden




Hoffmann, S. et al. (2020)


A Research Agenda for the Future of Urban Water Management: Exploring the Potential of Nongrid, Small-Grid, and Hybrid Solutions




International Science Council (2020)


Advancing the 2030 Agenda in African cities through knowledge co-production: Urban experiments led by ealry-career African scientists




Koseki, S. A., Lévy, J., Sartoretti, I. (2020)


De l'espace pour la réussite scolaire




Patze-Diordiychuk, P., Renner, P., Besser, R. (2020)


Methodenhandbuch Bürgerbeteiligung




Piet, S. et al. (2020)


The Kopernikus Project ENavi: linking science, business, and civil society




Schäfer, M., Lux, A., Bergmann, M. (2020)


Transdisciplinary Sustainability Research - Linking research processes and outputs to societal effects




Steuri, B. et al. (2020)


Behind the scenes of an interdisciplinary effort: conception, design and production of a flyer on climate change for the citizens of Hamburg






Call for New Exhibitors & Partners


Because of the current global Coronavirus crisis the BaselEduCa Expo 2020- 4th International Education & Career Exhibition was postponed to the new dates 11 - 12 November 2020. In this regards new interested applicants from all over the world countries are invited to join this beautiful event as Exhibitors/ Presenter/ Sponsor / Visitor or Guest. New application deadline for registration is 1. September, 2020 for Early Bird Application and 5 October, 2020 for Final Application. More information 


Jobs and fellowships


Deadline: 23 May 2020


3 assistant professors in interdisciplinary approaches to behaviour change and technology


University of Twente ❯❯


Deadline: 31 May 2020


Master Thesis: Exploring the emerging profession of integration experts


Eawag ❯❯


Deadline: 31 May 2020


Internship: Exploring the emerging profession of integration experts


Eawag ❯❯


Deadline: 5 June 2020


Research Associates for Investigating Sustainable Development Goal Interactions


Justus Liebig University Giessen ❯❯


Deadline: 6 June 2020


4 doctoral research positions in Hydrology, Human Geography, European Ethnology and Ecology


ISOE, Frankfurt am Main ❯❯