With knowledge, freedom.
As we build knowledge of our nature and being, our spiritual origins and destiny, we are enabled in our ability to embody our true self, embrace our potential and shape our life and expression. With self knowing comes greater self mastery, and we increase our freedom to be, to move, to live.

Rosa Veritas Learning accompanies individuals in their growth to spiritual maturity through deepened knowing. And with such knowledge, freedom.

Starting in June, we are offering a range of courses and workshops – all via online study. Metaphysics and Communication began recently, led by Anja van Holten, with participants from Aotearoa New Zealand, Hungary and Greece.

And commencing in the next few weeks:
  • Journeying through John (John Group 2020)
  • Insights into Spiritual Healing: An exploration using Bible Metaphysics
  • Esoteric Understanding of the Human Being
  • Sacred Space: Developing your relationship with spirit
There's information below, or see the website (rosaveritas.org/learning) for full details and enrolments.
Journeying through John
The John Group in 2020 is both a journey through the stories in John’s Gospel, and a journey through John’s words into deeper and fuller experience of Christ. Each of the monthly gatherings will focus on a brief portion of John’s Gospel, with all participants sharing something of their experience and insight working with the text. Robert will complement this with his reflections and guidance for further exploration.

Small online group gatherings
with Robert John
Starting June 15 or 17  |  6 sessions
Insights into
Spiritual Healing
An exploration using
Bible Metaphysics
This series of workshops aims to develop understanding of the nature of spiritual healing and how you can develop a healing, whole-making power within your being and express this in your environment and relationships. This understanding is developed through metaphysical explorations of the healing stories in the gospels.

Online workshops and personal study
with Robert John
Starting June 29  |  9 sessions
Esoteric Understanding
of the Human Being
Experience wonder as your place in the cosmos unfolds. Renew your vision and purpose in life. What we human beings are today is the result of aeons of development directed by spiritual forces. Becoming aware of our make-up from this perspective gives us a clearer picture of ourselves and our relationship with the cosmos. Esoteric Understanding of the Human Being creates a foundation from which you can further develop your esoteric knowledge and draw closer to an experience of the Christ.

A reading course with
online small group tutorials
with Robert John
Starting June 25  |  9 sessions
Sacred Space
Developing your relationship
with spirit
Sacred spaces – within our consciousness and being, in our life and environment – assist us to enter into a fuller and richer relationship with our real self and with the spiritual worlds.

> Create space in your mind and heart to commune with your spirit.
> Establish a rhythm in your living to foster spiritual insightfulness.
> Establish your own sacred space at home – perhaps even create your own altar or other focal point for your spiritual practice.
> Fashion your unique approach to spiritual practice and devotional experience.

Over two private online consultations, Robert John will assist individuals establish, develop and deepen communion with the spirit, both within and around them.

Personal, individual consultations
with Robert John
By Appointment  |  2 sessions