June 2020


Lady Urmia Documentary


On 1st October 2014, IHF had the privilege of screening two documentaries in order to highlight some of the threats facing Iran’s natural heritage. The first was Wildlife in Iran, from John Buxton’s 1974 ‘Survival’ nature series. The second was Lady Urmia, an Iranian production released in 2012, that was sponsored by the late Dr Ali Sattaripour who was an IHF trustee.

Lady Urmia draws attention to the drying up of Lake Urmia that was widely recognised as one the greatest environmental disasters of modern times. The film is narrated in the voice of the lake itself, crying for help and trying to get international attention for its suffering. Happily, the situation since the film was made has improved significantly, after an international programme to protect the lake was launched in 2013. A recent report highlights the progress made so far: 'A combination of man-made efforts and higher rainfall in recent years is “slowly, but surely reviving what was once the second largest saltwater lake in the world,” says Claudio Providas, Resident Representative in Iran for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)’.

You can read the full article here and watch Lady Urmia online here.