September 2020


Professor Robert Hillenbrand lectures


IHF is very pleased to be able to provide a link, for the first time, to the keynote lecture given by Professor Robert Hillenbrand at the IHF conference From Persepolis to Isfahan: Safeguarding Cultural Heritage. His presentation on 16th January 2015 was entitled ‘The Restoration of Medieval Monuments in the Iranian world, especially Central Asia’.  Robert is well known as being at the forefront of studies in Islamic art and architecture, and IHF is proud that he is the Chair of its Academic Committee. 

Amongst his many publications, his book on Islamic Architecture, first published by Edinburgh University Press 1994, remains a classic work of reference. He was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 2008, and is now a Professorial Fellow of the Universities of Edinburgh and St Andrews. More recently, on 14th February 2018, an IHF audience had the privilege of hearing another lecture by Robert on ‘Architecture in Medieval Persian Painting: Fact or Fantasy’.

Click below to view the videos.

The restoration of medieval monuments in the Iranian world, especially Central Asia
Architecture in Medieval Persian Painting: Fact or Fantasy

The castle of Khwarnaq. Nizami, Khamsa, 1431 (St Petersburg)