October 2020


The Iran Heritage Foundation has been continuing its hard work with one of its flagship projects, Persian Language Online, which through its website and a series of apps for children provides a free and comprehensive course of lessons and learning resources to anyone interested in learning Persian.


As part of this, regular followers of the project will have noticed a fresh design to the website, beginning with the homepage. This includes some beautiful illustrations provided by Tida Bradshaw of some famous monuments old and new, including the Nature Bridge (پل طبیعت) in Tehran and the tomb of Hafez (حافظیه) in Shiraz.


Never wishing to neglect the youngest in our community, our work with the project also sees the release of some updates to the Gorbeh series of apps. This set of interactive games provides a fun way for younger children to learn their first Persian words all with the guidance of a friendly cat called Gorbeh. These apps now run on the latest software to ensure that they can continue performing to their full potential across all devices, while proudly showing the Iran Heritage Foundation’s involvement in the project. The updates are available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play stores.


Finally, last week saw Persian speakers and lovers of Persian poetry across the world celebrating the 813th anniversary of the birth of Mowlana Jalal al-Din Balkhi, or ‘Rumi’. Recently on our blog we had been taking our followers on a guided reading of the opening to the Masnavi, one of the most important works from that most famous of Persian poets (available to read here). If we turn now to the end of Book 1 of that same text (line 4004), we find a sentiment that may offer some perspective and comfort in these difficult and unkind times:


‘The blade of empathy is sharper than steel,

Indeed, more victorious than hordes of centurions.’


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Tabi'at Bridge (پل طبیعت) in Tehran. 

Part of a series of illustrations produced for Persian Language Online by Tida Bradshaw.