R2A Review - A wrap of Engineering Due Diligence

Welcome to our last newsletter for 2020 -- an extraordinary year, especially for those of us in Melbourne.  

For many businesses, including R2A, the global pandemic has altered the way we do business on a day-to day-basis.  The R2A team has been working from home since March.  

As I have previously written, R2A has been able to adapt both our consulting and training offerings, and we have been privileged to work with a number of fantastic clients on interesting projects this year. 

Since our last newsletter, R2A has completed the aeronautical studies for Invercargill and Rotorua in NZ and a criticality driven reliability study for Melbourne Water.  Richard also delivered a paper to the ANCOLD conference titled Dam Safety Due Diligence demands SFARP not ALARP.  The paper was co-authored by Siraj Perera, Senior Manager Sector Resilience, DELWP, and myself.  Siraj and I were also online for Richard’s presentation.  Our paper was equal top for views.

With the festive session fast approaching, the R2A office is closed from close of business Friday 18 December and will re-open Monday 4 January.  On behalf of my Co-Partner Richard Robinson and the rest of the R2A team, I wish you and your families a happy holiday season and all the very best for 2021.

Until 2021, 

Gaye Francis
R2A Partner




Through 2020, we delivered eight free webinars with great success. It’s been rewarding to see growing numbers of participants with each new topic. 

If you attended any of these webinars, we would love your feedback. This survey is different to the one sent with the last recording - bit of an admin error.

We appreciate your support.



Why Due Diligence is now a 'Categorical Imperative'


In his latest article, Richard details why due diligence is universal in its application and creates moral justification for action. This follows the news WA is adopting WHS legislation with Criminal Manslaughter provisions, and New Zealand charging 13 people under HSWA over the White Island Volcano eruption that killed 22. 


Engineering Due Diligence


We have been offering our textbook, Engineering Due Diligence, with a discount for much of 2020 to complement our webinar series. We will extend the offer for the remainder of the year. Enter MODEL in the voucher field to receive a $100 discount.


Fire Dynamics Simulator & Other R2A Tools


 Anya joined the R2A team as an intern late in 2019.  This year, during Covid-19 lockdown, Anya has been working with Richard to modernise and update a number of our modelling tools, especially the Fire Dynamic Simulator (FDS) tool.  The FSD tool has been used for a number of Safety Management Studies for property developments in the vicinity of high-pressure gas mains and other fuel pipelines.  

Anya writes below outlining this model, as well as our profiling tool and fire and explosion calculators.  


The fire dynamics simulator (FDS) is a computational fluid dynamics modelling program which R2A use for visualising the effects of large scale combustion events on their surroundings. We are able to create a variety of modelling conditions including simulating fires which occur in specific places within the modelled environment, and understand the consequences of the conditions created by them on other sections of the model. In addition to this, we are able to create fires which originate from outside the bounds of the model and understand their effect on the modelled environment. Through this program we are able to accurately predict the consequences of fires while taking into consideration a diverse range of factors that may affect the behaviour of the fire.



The profiler was created as a tool to use for recording and organising meeting content for a particular project. It has been created in MS Word, allowing a user versatility that other programs do not have. Because of the common platform, the profiler is now more accessible.

Though the functionality of the new profiler is similar to that which has been previously created by R2A in supercard, it does not require the standalone program to be downloaded to run it.


Modelling Calculator

We are currently in the process of moving our pool fire and explosions calculators to a new platform. The new calculator for pool fires and explosions which is being developed will retain the same functionality as the current SuperCard version, with an updated interface and mapping system being developed in livecode.


Anya Serpanchy

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