R2A Review - A wrap of Engineering Due Diligence

Welcome to the October edition of the R2A newsletter.  

As I write this introduction, Richard, I and the R2A team (in lockdown in Melbourne) continue to work remotely from home. 

Over the last couple of months R2A has been working on aeronautical studies for Invercargill and Rotorua airports in New Zealand and continuing our work with CFA on their credible critical issues review.

In September we kicked off our second series of free webinars on Tools and Techniques.  The second one on modelling is scheduled for next week. We also successfully ran a public Engineering Due Diligence Essentials workshop online which we plan to run again in November. Details for both below.

We also continue our education partnership with EEA with the successful delivery of a Criminal Manslaughter webinar with over 120 participants and a number of online in-house courses and briefings.

 A surprise to us throughout this pandemic has been that our consulting and training work has continued at similar rates to previous years. Richard and I are extraordinarily grateful for the continuing support from our clients.

If you’d like to discuss your due diligence needs, please contact us at risk@r2a.com.au or telephone 1300 772 333, otherwise, enjoy our latest information below.

Until next time, 

Gaye Francis
R2A Partner



Engineering Due Diligence Essentials 
25 & 26 November


We received great feedback following our first public workshop delivered online in September and so have decided to run another before year’s end.

Over two half-day sessions, you will learn the principles of how to Engineer Due Diligence for safe, effective and compliant decision making. Core topics covered include liability, safety and project due diligence. You’ll also receive the R2A text and a questionnaire prior to event and have your particular due diligence questions and issues of concern answered by Richard and Gaye.

This workshop is limited to 10 participants to encourage vigorous and confidential discussions. Ensure your place by registering below or email us at risk@r2a.com.au for further information.

Register for Workshop


Modelling Techniques, 14 October


"All models are wrong, but some are useful." George EP Box

There are a variety of analytical methods for risk and reliability modelling of technical systems. In this one-hour, free webinar, R2A Co-Directors Richard Robinson and Gaye Francis will provide a summary of the models and circumstances in which each was used, and why they were successful.

Register for FREE Webinar

Laws of Nature vs Laws of Man
What prevails in Safety Due Diligence?


In his latest article, Richard discusses why in safety due diligence, complying with the laws of man and ignoring the laws of nature will end in disasters since of the laws of nature are immutable. He also refers back to his article in March on Coronavirus and Safety Due Diligence.

Read article

Engineering Due Diligence


If youd like to learn more about the theory and processes we use to help organisations make diligent decisions in relation to Australian law, then check out the text resource we use in our two-day engineering due diligence workshops. 

Find out more about the textbook
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