R2A Review - A wrap of Engineering Due Diligence

Welcome to the July edition of the R2A newsletter.  

As a Melbourne-based organisation, Richard and I continue to work remotely at home.  Whilst the last four months have had its challenges, it has also given R2A a chance to re-invent the way we work whilst continuing to deliver high quality services.  

Over the last few months we have completed a credible critical issues review for the CFA, some threat barrier modelling for the Minewarfare and Clearance Diving System Program Office (MCDSPO), as well as a SFAIRP review for a gas project.  We have also continued to deliver education and training with a couple of sessions with the CFA executive group. 

We wrapped up our first webinar series in June with a session on operations due diligence.  All the recordings have now been uploaded to our website for viewing.  We have also decided to offer a second webinar series on tools and techniques.  Further information is contained below.  

We also continue to partner with Engineering Education Australia, this time with a webinar later this month.  Again, see below for details.

In what continues to be an uncertain time, we are committed to working with our clients to find the best ways to deliver their due diligence needs. Contact us at risk@r2a.com.au or telephone 1300 772 333

Until next time, take care and stay well.

Gaye Francis
R2A Partner



Criminal Manslaughter 

- Reverse Engineering Judicial Negligence Decisions 


Richard & Gaye are partnering with Engineering Education Australia for this one-off webinar on Criminal Manslaughter - Reverse Engineering Judicial Negligence Decisions.

In this one hour presentation, we'll demonstrate how to reverse engineer judicial decisions in ways that are useful to engineers and lawyers trying to positively demonstrate due diligence, particularly in view of the criminal manslaughter provisions of the Victorian OHS Act.

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Criminal Manslaughter
- Australian Paradigm Shift for Engineers & Standards


Further to the above webinar presentation, Richard has written a new article on how the rise of criminal manslaughter provisions in health and safety legislation, coupled with the registration of engineers in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, heralds a paradigm shift for engineers and the role of standards in Australian jurisdictions.

Read article


Risk Paradigms on 9 September


After our successful first series of webinars, we've decided to schedule a second series on the tools and techniques that help demonstrate due diligence. We have four topics planned and will start with Risk Paradigms on 9 September.

This will be a free webinar where Richard and Gaye will explore seven of the most common risk paradigms currently in use and précis the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Did you miss our due diligence series?


Thanks to everyone who attended and participated with great engagement in our first webinar series on due diligence principles.

If you missed them or want to ever catch up on any of the topics, we have uploaded the library of recordings to our website. Enjoy at your leisure.

Watch webinar recordings

Engineering Due Diligence


If youd like to learn more about the theory and processes we use to help organisations make diligent decisions in relation to Australian law, then check out the text resource we use in our two-day engineering due diligence workshops. 

Find out more about the textbook
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