August, 2021

Dear Friends and Partners, 

We trust that you are experiencing the blessings of God in your lives and ministries. We are grateful for your interest in our lives and ministry as well as partnering with us through your kind support and continuing prayers. We love you and are honored that you are taking the time to read this update…

As you may recall, Sandra had surgery on her foot in the beginning of June. Just last week, she was able to start wearing a shoe and putting weight on it. The surgery was much more serious than either of us anticipated, and we are glad we rescheduled our international travel to allow her time to recover. Additionally, God surely knew what we needed to do as over the past few months Sandra’s mom has had some pretty serious health challenges and has been in the hospital for fifty days. Two weeks ago, we thought we were losing her as it was pretty serious. At that time, our Pastor and a couple of deacons from another church in our home town went and prayed with her. Overnight, she had a breakthrough and was able to go home for a few days. What looked dire to us was an opportunity for the Lord to do what only he can do. We praise him that she is doing better. Yet, we recognize that her health has been steadily declining. We are extremely grateful to have been in the States during this crisis with her health. 

As you are undoubtedly aware, COVID has impacted international travel and the freedom to work in certain countries. Some of the projects on our schedule for this year have been postponed until next year because of health and travel restrictions in the various areas of Latin America. Please pray for us as we move forward at a time where various countries are once again ramping up travel restrictions. That said, here are some exciting things on our schedule.

This week we will be attending a Tri-State Fellowship Meeting in Jacksonville, Florida. Our purpose will be to represent Baptist International Outreach and the ministry in Bolivia and other areas of Latin America to those in attendance. In September, we will head to Texas for several weeks to report on our ministry to some of our partners.

The State Department recently lowered the travel advisory for Bolivia to a level 3. Though this technically means “reconsider travel” to the country of destination, it is an improvement from level 4 where they advised Americans not to travel at all. Our plan is to travel to Bolivia at the end of October. We are looking forward to seeing our Bolivian brothers and sisters.

Over the last several months, we have been working with Pastor Sergio Saravia in Tarija to lay the foundation for a Pastors Network across Bolivia and other Latin American Nations. At this point, we have Pastors in Bolivia, Paraguay, Columbia, and Ecuador that are part of this new group. The emphasis of this network is providing continuing training in Biblical Doctrine and Leadership Development. Next year, we plan to visit the Pastors of this new group and their Churches in various parts of Bolivia.   

In 2022, we plan to travel to Merida, Mexico in the Yucatan region with Dr. John Yingling who is the president of Baptist International Outreach. Our goal will be to observe the ministry that is taking place there with 2 single Missionary ladies (Dr. Angie Seals and Rebeca Seals) who are faithfully continuing the work begun by their parents Odis and Betty Seals who are no longer able to travel internationally. We have been asked to assist the Church and Bible Institute Ministries that Bro. Seals began when he was working in the area. 

Additionally, our plan is to go to Chile to work with BIO Missionaries David and Drea White. While there, we will be teaching leadership development classes to their Church as well as helping out in various aspects of the ministry. From there we would like to travel to Santiago, Chile to connect with a national church there and then on to Punta Arenas in the Patagonia region in an effort to evaluate the need and ministry possibilities that exist in the area. 

There is a lot going on and we look forward to sharing with you what we learn and do as we travel and continue the work that God has for us. 

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