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The day of small beginnings:
Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.” Zechariah 4:10
It was in September 2006 when on a long-awaited holiday in Portugal, as my wife and I considered the next step in our lives, that we knew God’s prompting to go ahead with the “small beginnings” of what was to become Mission International.  We had no money, no office, no computers, we had nothing and yet we knew God was calling us.  
We are now almost 15 years into the development of the organisation.  We remain small in terms of Mission organisations. However, again the Lord has provided what we have needed over these years.  Due to the size and capacity of MI, Covid-19 might well have been the death knell of the organisation, however again, the Lord has provided and we have seen support from our donors come in to meet the needs of the many who have sought help from us.
I suppose it was as a result of a lesson that I learned from our brethren in Africa that helped me when MI began.  In my travels I saw many building projects, for example, that had begun, but were not yet completed.  As a family were able to afford a few more bricks for their home, they would buy them and lay them, and eventually the house would be completed, sometimes taking many years.
In our western world we don’t want to wait for things.  We could do well to remember the day of small beginnings.   This does not mean that we are idle, but that we hold the plum line in our hands and move forward when the God given opportunity arises.

Hugh N Henderson MBE
CEO Mission International
Malawi Church:
People living in Rural Malawi are very poor.  Mission International partner, Pastor Elton Mukarangeya, meets many of his poor brothers and sisters as he travels on mission journeys into the interior of the country.   This mud and wattle building however is no less a church building than the very ornate buildings elsewhere.  Church members of course hope to see their building improved and so it is likely that this building will be replaced with a better one when funds become available. Please pray for those living in very poor circumstances that their harvests will do well and that they will be able to store up for the periods between harvests. Pray too that they will have enough for costs like school fees and medical expenses for their families.
Peru medical centre:
Quinua Medical Centre lies high up in the Andes in Peru.  For a long time their medical centre has been partially built and has been operating in less than ideal circumstances. Now however the funds have come together to completed the structural work which will allow the centre to be completed.  Local people are delighted that MI partners in Peru, Max & Raquel, have now been able to get the final leg of the construction underway.  The building will become the base for medical, dental and nursing staff to provide a higher level of care for the population.   Many will now have the opportunity to visit the centre and the staff will also have a better base from which to deliver rural medical mission trips to more remote communities.   Thank you to all of those who have contributed to the construction of this centre.
The Military Coup in Myanmar, which began in February 2021, shows no sign of coming to an end. The situation is proving very difficult for many people.  The military wants to crush any sign of opposition, but the people want a return to the democracy that they voted for in a landslide victory in support of Aung San Suu Kyi and her government.   The coup has brought about many challenges for the country, but the poor have been more seriously affected.   Internally displaced people seeking refuge within Myanmar, and refugees crossing into India and elsewhere has meant that people are camping in the forests and jungles in a bid to save their lives.   This can only be a temporary situation for them, but as has been seen, the military are brutal in their determination to control the population.
Please pray for Myanmar and for the church there who seek to bring comfort and help to those in need, even in the face of brutal attacks on churches and church leaders.
Myanmar Youth Conference:
Mission International partner in Myanmar, Tun Lin, set out from Yangon to his village in Chin State to lead a youth conference for many young people in the area.  He reports that the conference went well and those who attended were challenged in their walk with and service of the Lord.   We thank God for this wonderful outreach even during such a difficult and troubled time in Myanmar.
We can come to visit you!
Now that many of the Covid-19 restrictions are being relaxed it is possible for a member of the MI team to come and visit your church/organisation to provide an update on what is happening with our partners around the world.  If you would like to have a member of the team come to visit in person during the day or for an evening event, or if you’d like to arrange a Zoom meeting or a short video presentation to show there, then we would be very happy to oblige.  Please email us on mail@mission-international.org or phone us on 07982250514 to discuss your needs and make arrangements.

Stewardship ( Give.net)
Mission International is so grateful to our donors and supporters for their selfless and faithful giving.  

There are a number of ways you can give.
1. Via the Stewardship (Give.net) link on the image above, where you will find options to give to many projects.

2. Via our giving page here: Click here to reach the MI Giving options page
Please continue to pray for Mission International.
Staff, Volunteers and Trustees:
Please continue to pray for those who serve with Mission International.   Many give of their time freely and without their involvement MI could not operate. Whether taking part in a board meeting, or raising funds in their local area, or dealing with finance and trusts, or helping in the office, all make a huge difference to what we do.   Please pray that they know God’s blessing for their work of service.

The Hope Centre flooding continues to cause problems in Gatumba township. Please pray that it will subside and will allow the Hope Centre to open again.

The Islamisation of Africa: Burundi is currently facing an increase in the development of Islam in the country.  Please pray for the church that there is an appropriate response to this as the church looks to the Lord for help.

D.R. Congo: 
After a very large volcanic eruption of Mount Nyiragongo near Goma in the DRC the molten rock now flowing down the mountain has destroyed many villages and many people have lost their lives and many children have gone missing.   In addition to this Co2 gas is released in huge pockets causing suffocation to those nearby.
Please pray for MI partners who are familiar with this region and will be sending help to those affected.

The ongoing conflict in the northern Tigray region has affected the whole country.   Added to this, there will be elections taking place in Ethiopia on 21st June 2021.  Please pray for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ( a christian believer) and the government that they would have wisdom and integrity during this election period.

MI partner in Ghana, Word International, seeks to print Bibles in the local Frafra language.   Currently we are seeking funding to help with this endeavour.   Please pray that funding will be forthcoming and that this project will be fulfilled.

From its inception on 1st January 1804 Haiti has experienced many challenges.   
Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.   In addition to the widespread poverty experienced in the country, Covid-19 has taken its toll too.  Similarly to many countries in the developing world, the close proximity of the population and the lack of basic healthcare makes the situation worse.   Please pray for MI partners and church pastors across the country who seek to help and comfort their congregations and communities during this pandemic.

The India variant of Covid-19 appears to be more problematic and is causing concern here in the UK and across the world.   In India however the situation is dire.   MI partner Pastor Easu Ratnam has been in touch to say that 23 pastors linked to his ministry died of covid in a period of just 4 days, and since then there have been a number of further deaths.   The lack of hospital beds, appropriate oxygen equipment and the staff to administer medicines and help has made it a very difficult situation.  Please pray for those who are severely affected and for MI partners as they seek to help and offer succour to the bereaved.

Previously we have alerted you to the flooding around Lake Victoria which has flooded the village of Kandaria driving many families away to dry and safer areas.   MI has been feeding 26 families for more than a year, and just as it was hoped the flooding would recede, further flooding has taken place. Now it is likely that a more permanent place will need to be found for the displaced families, so that they can rebuild their homes and lives once again.  Please pray for these poor families that they might find the means to build their homes and restock their farm animals to be able to generate income on which to live.

MI partners in Malawi were arrested recently while preaching in a predominantly Islamic area of the country. Their equipment for showing the Jesus film was impounded and they were fined, the equivalent of £15 each (about a months salary). It is believed that the Moslem leaders were very upset since a number of people were converted and turned to Christ. Please pray for the new converts that they will be well discipled and for those arrested that they will be able to pay their fines and have their equipment released.

The situation in Myanmar shows no sign of improving.   In fact there are signs that the situation is worsening.  Bombs near residential homes and the military attacking refugee camps have been reported.  Please pray for those who are, through no fault of their own, being targeted by a brutal military regime.  Pray especially for churches as they and their clergy have also come under attack in recent days.

The on-going need for support for enslaved brick factory workers remains a concern for us.  The awful abuse that Christian slaves endure is tragic.  MI helps feed needy slave families.  Please pray that funds can be found to release families from slavery.

Uganda has gone back into full lockdown again due to an alarming rise in Covid-19 cases.   Please pray that the Ugandan government is able to provide the medical equipment and resources necessary, and that the population is vaccinated very soon.

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