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  August 2020 NEWSLETTER
Hi !

Can you believe that we are all ready in August?   The summer is flying by, and we’ve certainly had our share of hot sunny weather!  So, of course that’s means it’s time to review your skin protocols for protecting ourselves from the harmful age-inducing UVA/UVB rays.  During my COVID time off work, I attended an online SUN-CARE WORKSHOP on Understanding the Effects of the Sun on the Skin and would like share some of the information with you today.

UVB rays penetrate the epidermis (top of the skin) causing sunburns.  UVA rays penetrated down into the dermis layer of our skin which could lead to skin cancer.   IR (infrared rays) reach into the hypodermis which can lead to sign of aging on the skin like wrinkles and sun spots.  

Our pigmentation (colour of our skin) is determined by genetics (our skin is basically a mix of the colour of our biological parents), geographical location (people living close to or south of the equator typically have a darker skin type than those living to the north), skin reactions to the sun (the more fair the skin the faster you will  burn and finally tanning habits (which have IR/UVA lighting have harmful rays that can increase the risk of skin damage and signs of aging-like verticle lines on face).  How it works is, the epidermis produces cells called melanocytes that determine how much melanin our bodies produce, some have more than others for example those living to the south; therefore, they have darker skin.  

The first 48 hours of sun exposure can be the most harmful, so it’s very important to stay protected by wearing SPF 30-50 (remember to reapply every 2 hours), stay in the shade and wear loose long clothing and a hat.  Using an auto-bronzer/self tanner/tan prolonger (see below for Yonka brands) a few days before exposure can help reduce some of the initial trauma to your skin…after all, you don’t want to suffer from a sunburn before you even start enjoying your time outside!

What to look for on your sunscreen label?
  • UVA/UVB symbol (may also say broad spectrum)
  • Sun Protection Factor (30-50 SPF is recommended for all skin types)
  • Expiry date (must be used within 6 months of opening with a one year shelf life)
  • Mineral sun protections will contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide and alumina (which is a stabilizer for the two minerals)
  • Organic sun protection will contain mexoryl XL and mexoryl SX or tinosorb M and tinosorb S to stabilize them
  • If travelling out of the country, always purchase enough sunscreen prior to leaving Canada, as our standards for health and safety for your skin is greater that those of some other countries (not all countries follow the above guidelines).
When you are planning any excursion outside, especially in the spring/summer months (but also take caution in the winter as the snow and ice are reflective), always check your local forecast and take special noted of the UV index.  You will see the picture above has a rating of 1-12, 1 being the lowest (so the sun is farthest away and the least damaging) and 12 being the highest (causing the most trauma to the skin).  Be aware of what the daily index is so you can plan accordingly for attire and how often to reapply your SPF.  Remember the lighter your skin, the more at risk you are of damage caused by the sun, but for those with darker skin, it is still important to take the same precautions as the effects may not be as visible, but they can still occur.
What’s up at the Studio?
Keep In Touch Studio Update  

Keep In Touch Studio (now in it’s 11th year) is still looking out for your safety during the COVID-19 Pandemic; I am back to work in a part time capacity to allow for social distancing and advanced disinfection protocols between clients. To my existing clients, you are already aware that our standards for disinfection have always been above the specified standards for the aesthetics industry.

I am currently working through a backlog of call backs from the past 5 months; your patience is appreciated while I get caught up.  If you were not on the list prior to my COVID closure, please contact me to be added to the waiting list for when I am caught up and can schedule you in.

While you wait to hear from me to reschedule, you can let me know if you are running low on any retail products; please email me a list and we can arrange a time for pick up/delivery.  For your convenience and safety, I am accepting e-transfers for payment.   FYI, ALL of my products packaging are disinfected for your safety prior to pick up or delivery to your door.

We are all in this together; stay strong and stay healthy :~)
COVID Protocols for your review prior to appointments

NEW Colours! Envy Mask

Our Canadian-Made 🍁 enVy COPPER products utilize next generation COPPER technology by NatuVerex which has powerful anti-microbial properties as tested using the standard AATCC-100 tested at 99.9% even AFTER 25 home washings and also meets Breathability testing (Delta P test) in compliance with EN 14683 and ASTM F2100-19.

Lab Results on Methicillin Resistant Staph aureus (MRSA) show:

✓ 50% kill on contact      ✓ 85% kill within 1 hour      ✓ 99.9% kill in 24 hours

We offer 100%  Copper Coverage on all the natural fabric layers and surfaces of our anti-microbial mask (non-medical cloth mask).  🚫 We do not use nylon or neoprene. This cutting-edge technique adheres the COPPER ions to the fabric with excellent stability and durability, complete coverage leaving no gaps or areas untreated with Copper.  This also allows continuous release of COPPER ions to do their germ killing job!  More studies and publications here

 2 Reusable enVy™ COPPER Face Masks with Super Soft Triple layered Breathable Fabric + Next Generation Copper Ion Technology + Insanely Comfortable SoftEAR™ Loops + Adjustable Nose Wire..   

Choose your colour-white, grey or black 

$59.95 for 2


Yonka Auto-Brozant 

This self tanner provides natural colour enhancement for all types of skin; use prior to travel and in the summer or to fill  in tan lines. It works with your own melanin to increase your colour based on how often you apply. Typically once a day up to three days, then 1-2 times a week to maintain. There is a gentle scent that is different with every body chemistry.  

Reg $48 now 20%off!

For best results with any bronzers prior to application, follow these guidelines:
  • On the first day do a body exfoliation (all areas you want to enhance, including the face).  Take off all Jewlery (so you don’t have to work around it).
  • Apply your normal body lotion to any area you are not applying the bronzer to (buttocks, breast, etc) and massage some between your fingers (to avoid staining if you don’t wash properly).
  • Dispense bronzer to one body part at a time (start at your calf and work your way up). 
  • IMPORTANT!  Massage in circular motions around each body part (front, back, sides) before moving to the next body part. Massage until the cream is fully penetrated. This will prevent streaking. 
  • IMPORTANT!   Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water to prevent staining on hands (use a gentle nail brush to scrub any calluses areas and cuticles). 
  • Allow the body to air dry before dressing. There may be some staining around seam areas like the bra or waistline if you perspire a lot, but it usually washes out if you catch it right away.  Using the bronzer at night so as to avoid that, unless you sweat a lot while you sleep. 
  • The product is also great at evening out tan lines.
Also available is Yonka Tan Prolonger, which does exactly what it says.  Apply in circular motion on each body part that was exposed to the sun to increase the duration of the tan.  When used on its own (meaning without sun exposure) you will achieve a gentle youthful glow.
Reg $64 now 20%off!
I would like to make my newsletter more informative for you.  Tell me what do you want to know more about?   Do you have questions about your skin, nails, make-up?  What kind of specials or products are you looking for?  I look forward to hearing from you!
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Wendy Lynn CMP/C.Pod/BScPOD

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