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  August 2021 NEWSLETTER
Hi !

I can’t wait to see your face…LITERALLY!  I am finally allowed to do facials and any waxing under your mask (lip and chin wax). You still need to arrive for your appointment with your mask on, then when we are ready for the face service you can remove it and put it back on when we are done.   Facial waxing can be added to your existing booked services, if time permits.

I highly recommend that you reserve your 60 or 90 minute facial appointment for September now, as spots are going fast now that the word is out!   Here are a few suggestions that will help with Mascne (under the mask acne spots), Firming and Hydration. Scroll down to find home care products to match the facials.

Hydralessence is a long lasting, high performance facials that provide deep hydration and infuses the skin with moisture that instantly calms & soothes the skin.  (90 mins $97)

Alpha-Vital is a non-irritating organically sourced AHA & BHA cell renewal treatment to shed dead skin cells with immediate new skin softness & youth effect. (60 mins $96)

Optimizer is a customized facial treatments that provides a superior lifting, firming and/or wrinkle reducing effects for the face, neck, décolleté, eye and lip areas. (90 mins $150)

If you are still not ready to come in yet, I completely understand!  I can offer virtual consultations and curb-side pick up or local deliveries of products.

Contact me now to schedule a date!

What’s up at the Studio?

We are always looking out for your safety, so in case you have not heard, Mairin, Jenna, & I as well (as our families) have all been fully vaccinated! We are continuing to keep appointments separate, so appreciate you not arriving more than 5 minutes early.  (If you do arrive early you can text me 5198371110 to see if it's ok to come up).  We are also maintaining our disinfection protocols and Covid Screening questions with each appointment.  
I wanted to share this great website that provides information about vaccinations in Canada as well as a campaign to participate in...
"This Is Our Shot to be #TogetherAgain is a movement aimed to rally Canadians and encourage each other to replace vaccine hesitancy with confidence so that we can end the pandemic – together.
To be #TogetherAgain, we must continue to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities. Let’s start by acknowledging that getting vaccinated isn’t as easy for some people as it is for others. We must all work together to make sure everyone has access to the facts and information they need to make informed decisions.
This Is Our Shot to end the pandemic, Canada."

As a reminder from last months newsletter there will be a slight increase (average $2) to some products and services. The product companies determine my prices, and I follow them exactly.  As for the services, my last increase was four years ago (2017) and unfortunately I can no longer absorb the increased costs I have been given by my suppliers.  I wanted to give you some advance notice, and I appreciate your understanding.  

I had originally set the date for July 1 for the Mindbody program that Ive been learning.  It has been a little more involved than I thought.  You may know it all ready as it is very popular in the spa/health/wellness industry. I will be sending out a launch announcement to explain how it will work (offering you additional choices for booking appointments and purchasing products online).
August Specials

Match up your facial with these targeted skin care products for long lasting home care results.

Yonka Auto-Brozant 

A healthier way to get some colour this summer!
This self tanner provides natural colour enhancement for all types of skin; use prior to travel and in the summer or to fill  in tan lines. It works with your own melanin to increase your colour based on how often you apply. Typically once a day up to three days, then 1-2 times a week to maintain. There is a gentle scent that is different with every body chemistry.  
Reg $58 now 20%off!
For best results with any bronzers prior to application, follow these guidelines:
  • On the first day do a body exfoliation (all areas you want to enhance, including the face).  Take off all Jewlery (so you don’t have to work around it).
  • Apply your normal body lotion to any area you are not applying the bronzer to (buttocks, breast, etc) and massage some between your fingers (to avoid staining if you don’t wash properly).
  • Dispense bronzer to one body part at a time (start at your calf and work your way up). 
  • IMPORTANT!  Massage in circular motions around each body part (front, back, sides) before moving to the next body part. Massage until the cream is fully penetrated. This will prevent streaking. 
  • IMPORTANT!   Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water to prevent staining on hands (use a gentle nail brush to scrub any calluses areas and cuticles). 
  • Allow the body to air dry before dressing. There may be some staining around seam areas like the bra or waistline if you perspire a lot, but it usually washes out if you catch it right away.  Using the bronzer at night so as to avoid that, unless you sweat a lot while you sleep. 
  • The product is also great at evening out tan lines.
Also available is Yonka Tan Prolonger, which does exactly what it says.  Apply in circular motion on each body part that was exposed to the sun to increase the duration of the tan.  When used on its own (meaning without sun exposure) you will achieve a gentle youthful glow.
Reg $70 now 20%off!

I would like to make my newsletter more informative for you.  Tell me what do you want to know more about?   Do you have questions about your skin, nails, make-up?  What kind of specials or products are you looking for?  I look forward to hearing from you!
Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for all occasions for any service and any denomination.
Please email me to pre-book your gift certificates so that I can have them ready for you.
Visit my website for more spa package ideas, or create you own!

Testimonial helps me grow my business and I need your help!  Please send me a brief (or long) description on how you chose my studio, what services you liked and why you liked them, and what made you want to return to see me?  If you agree, I will only add your first name, last initial, your city and how long you’ve been a client on the post to my website. 
As a thank-you for your time and effort, I will offer you 20% off your next treatment!
Thank-you for your continued loyalty. 

keep in touch,
Wendy Lynn CMP/C.Pod/BScPOD

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