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  January 2021 NEWSLETTER
Happy New Year !

Thank-you for all your support this year!  

You were an instrumental part in helping to sustain my business and mental health this past year.  I am eternally grateful for your continued loyalty and trust in me to keep you safe and healthy during your services at 

Keep In Touch Studio.  

This year, I will continue to exceed my health and safety protocols outlined by public health; as well as upgrading my education to help keep your skin and nails looking and feeling healthy.

Studio Update
We are at the start of a brand new year, and although Keep In Touch Studio will be closed for most of this month (Jan 1-23, 2021), there is a lot you can do to maintain or step up your home care routines…see tips below.
If you have a January appointment scheduled, I will be contacting you to reschedule soon.  I will be available for virtual consultations, as well as local product porch deliveries; please email your orders in advance.
From my home to yours, I hope you have a year filled with peace, happiness, and some new adventures in 2021!
Home Skin Care tips:

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Footcare Relief
To relieve your feet of mild pain and tired Do these exercises before getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night. Repeat each exercise 3 times.  Start by lying flat for 3 minutes with feet elevated on a cushion or pillow.

1.  Lie with legs flat & pushing knees down into bed
•       pull toes up towards the body – hold
•       point toes down toward bed – hold 

2.  Sit on the side of the bed
•       Straighten out one knee at a time – circle the ankle in each direction three times
•       Both feet together –
•       pull toes up - hold, spread toes apart
•       point toes down - hold, squeeze toes curled under
•       point toes out - hold
•       point toes in – hold 

3.  Sitting with feet flat on the floor
•       Lift heels up and down keeping the forefoot on the floor
•       Lift the forefoot up and down keeping the heels on the floor
•       Spread toes as far apart as possible - hold, bring toes together, relax

4.  Place small towel under feet. Keeping heels still, gather up the towel with toes, and then push out again.  Make this harder by placing a weight on the towel

5.  Keeping heel & toes flat on the floor, one foot at a time
      a. Pull up at the arch to shorten the foot - try not to curl the toes
      b. Slowly relax and let the foot grow long

6.  Place a marble on the floor. Try to pick it up using big and second toes.

7.  Place a tennis ball on the floor. Position one foot over the ball so that the instep rests on the ball. Gently roll the ball forward and backward, controlling the movement by curling and straightening the toes. Repeat 10 times then switch feet.

8.  Lie down with legs straight, heels out and toes bent in toward the body - - Relax like this for 5 minutes.

9.  Stand on the edge of a stair, hang onto rails, rise up on toes and then drop heels below stair, repeat 5times. 

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I would like to make my newsletter more informative for you.  Tell me what do you want to know more about?   Do you have questions about your skin, nails, make-up?  What kind of specials or products are you looking for?  I look forward to hearing from you!
Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for all occasions for any service and any denomination.
Please email me to pre-book your gift certificates so that I can have them ready for you.
Visit my website for more spa package ideas, or create you own!
Testimonial helps me grow my business and I need your 
help!  Please send me a brief (or long) description on ho
w you chose my studio, what services you liked and why you liked them, and what made you want to return to see me?  If you agree, I will only add your first name, last initial, your city and how long you’ve been a client on the post to my website. 
As a thank-you for your time and effort, I will offer you 20% off your next treatment!
Thank-you for your continued loyalty. 

keep in touch,
Wendy Lynn CMP/C.Pod/BScPOD

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