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  August 2020 NEWSLETTER

August Achievements
Wednesday working bees in August included maintenance and some planting in the eastern parkland at the Lake, more planting along the southern part of what will become the coastal recreation path through Boulder Beach and a second working bee at the bora ring. A few people are talking about an extraordinary working bee at the bora ring once a month until we get more on top of the weeds. If you are interested in helping out let Shaun or Spider know.
Our AGM confirmed the current executive and committee positions. It was new for us, and exciting, to have additional members show up as well in support. Thanks so much to you if you were there. Some of the stats recorded at the meeting included:
c. 4000 plants in the ground for the year
Over 2200 volunteer hours for the year
c. 370 FB followers
Over $600 income from our plant sales for the year (and that is without a Love Lennox festival this year).
None of this would have been possible without our enthusiastic team of volunteers. Our entire community is  so lucky to have you all helping to enrich our natural environment. Special thanks from me to Malcolm, Kelly, Sue, Spider, Pat C., Peter, Warren and John Hill for all the extra hours they put in to manage our sites, manage water weeds, write Wave articles, run the web page and Facebook, keep our finances, admin our agendas etc, etc, etc…

Local News
The CMP for Lake Ainsworth is still to be gazetted by State Gov’t. Council staff are hopeful that the few minor changes they have made recently will be the last step… meanwhile BSC has put off much of the work planned due to Covid-19 induced budget cuts for the year.
The shared path (cycleway) from Skennars to Pat Morton is close to completion but there is no date yet for the completion of the walking path from Sharpes to Pat Morton. The trickiest bit of this one is the rebuilding of the rock wall where the path has collapsed at the southern end. Once that is done the rest should be relatively simple.
0448 221 210

Membership renewals due

    We do appreciate people signing up as  
    members. It helps Council value us when 
    the numbers are strong and the $$ that 
    come in help with ongoing costs such as    
    webpage, newsletter, printer ink and 
    accounting fees.

  We try to keep membership as 
   affordable as possible. See details at the 
   foot of this newsletter.


September Working Bees
        8.30 - 10.30 am

      Wed 2nd:  Kellys site - carpark opp. Surf 
      Wed 9th:  Boulders - Iron Peg car park 

      Wed 16th:  Ross Lane Reserve - 1st left in 
                                                 Fig Tree Hill Dve
    Wed 23rd:  Boulders - Iron Peg car park
      Wed 31st:  Shortys Stairs - surfers carpark, 
                                                    Coast Rd
     Thursday 1st Oct:   Skennars Head - Iron     
                                                  Peg car park


Other Activities
       You may also be interested  in:

 Skennars Hd Working Bees
Every 2nd Thursday 
 Contact Pat Cawley on 6687 7143

    Lower Point Working Bees
Organised as needed
     Contact Mike Heesom through           

Lake Ainsworth Water Hyacinth Team
Contact Kelly Saunderson through

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