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As mentioned in our Adaptation Plan presented in our last email and linked again below, LoToJa’s commitment to you is to do our best to prepare, invest, and implement ideas that will help keep everyone as safe as possible this year. But we cannot produce a successful LoToJa without your commitment and support too. We expect all participants of the 2020 LoToJa, including your crews, to read and follow ALL event guidelines and information published in these emails, on our website as well as our Cyclist Bible. Your attitude, cooperation, and choices can affect everyone’s LoToJa experience in a positive or negative way. 

The 2020 Cyclist Bible is now available online! It covers important information and general event guidelines for you and your support crew, so be sure to share it with them. This latest version of our Cyclist Bible includes:

- Event Schedule and Venue Details
- Check-in and Packet Pickup Info
- Start Schedule
- Info and Guidelines for Cyclists & Crews
- Course Maps and Elevations
- Embedded links to Course Maps
- Veteran Advice and More!

We are always looking for helpful and enthusiastic course volunteers. If you have a friend, teammate, or family member that may be available and interested in joining our team, please share this invitation with them. Thank you!!!

In our next LoToJa Latest we plan to include some very specific event and race-related information, including your start time and bib number assignment. As a reminder, we post online copies of our LoToJa Latest emails on our website.

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As September quickly approaches, some of you will do a training ride or two on LoToJa’s race route. Wherever you choose to train, please think SAFETY FIRST and RESPECT the communities you ride through. Here are five key reminders to follow:

• Stay to the right side of the road
• Do not cross the center line
• Ride single file as often as possible and never more than two abreast
• Do not impede the normal and reasonable movement of vehicle traffic
• Do not litter and please be discrete when relieving yourself
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