Babled Edition presents their first photographic project:

Abstract Abyss

A collaboration with Valentina Zanobelli

Parallel 2021 Design & Photography
By MoscaPartners
In collaboration with MIA Fair

Superstudio Maxi
Via Moncucco 35, Milan

7 — 10 October 2021
Thu. 7 and Fri. 8 from 11am to 6pm
Sat. 9 and Sun. 10 from 11am to 8pm 


These enlarged macro details are extracted from glass works, designed by Emmanuel Babled and produced in collaboration with Glass Master Andrea Zilio, in Murano.


These photographic abstractions, captured through Valentina Zanobellis lens, reproduce the innermost quality of glass via the primal sense of form, colour and line.


In Walter Benjamin’s 1929 essay on the history of photography, he proclaimed the medium’s “second nature” as its inherent ability to detach and abstract the visible from the real. “It is another nature which speaks to the camera, rather than to the eye”, he wrote.


The delicate glass surface, which oscillates between transparency and opacity, is captured, isolated and transposed onto a bi-dimensional surface which acts as an abstract, visual and sensory portal into the very nature of the material.




Edition in Photo Rag® Baryta
160 x 110 cm / 3 + 2 AP


Edition in Photo Rag® Baryta
130 x 90 cm / 5 + 2 AP


Azoici, the inspiration behind this photographic project.


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