To close the year on a high note, the Babled Edition team is pleased to present you with the latest news on the Etna family!

The Etnastone collection is named after the Sicilian volcano Mount Etna, a reference to the traditional craftsmanship in the lava stone and ceramics industries, found in the town of Caltagirone.


Guéridon is one of the multiple variations of the Etnastone collection, created in 2015.
Unfolding into distinct models, t
he design concept of these tables is based on the experimentation of puzzle compositions.


Five years later, Emmanuel Babled has elevated this project to a new level by introducing brushed patterns on the tabletops and coloured lava stone on the legs, from this palette of nine colours.


Etnawood emerged from the Etnastone collection and, like former projects by Emmanuel Babled, it became the pretext to explore diverse prime natural materials while challenging production processes.


This time, Etna tables have a different skin, wood. The fully handcrafted process allows endless customisation possibilities, from the diversified palette of natural essences, to their model and size.


We are preparing some more exciting news for the upcoming year.
Stay tuned for 2021!

The Babled Edition team wishes you a wonderful holiday season.