This September,
Babled Edition presents...


Prime Matter is a digital platform that aims to put the relationship between craft and design under the spotlight.


It will share stories behind projects, the makers and the designers, while promoting and selling the outcome of sustainable manufacturing.


From 4 to 10 September,
Prime Matter presents the exhibition:

Design Journeys
Matters from Murano and Zanzibar

Design Variations 2021 at Palazzo Litta
Corso Magenta 24, Milan — 10am - 8pm


The signature piece of furniture on Zanzibar island, in Tanzania, is a simple wooden chair that comes from nature in its entirety.


It is made of flexible and resilient branches, without any form of transformation nor any chemicals.
An entirely eco-friendly product.


Emmanuel Babled has embarked upon a playful experiment with Jisamwe, a collective of local artisans that have been producing the chair for more than 20 years.

Over several weeks of research and collaboration, they came up with alternative designs.


It is the collective’s main source of income and therefore a symbol of their livelihood.

This project is open source and available to whoever wants to make it.



We are raising funds on Indiegogo in order to support our collective project and ship a container full of our Zanzibar Chairs to make them available world over!


Azoici are unique glass pieces, handblown by Maestro Andrea Zilio and exclusively produced on the island of Murano, in Venice.


The matte black and grey surfaces contrast with the slightly tinted transparent glass, alluding to solidified magma in a geological layer.


Emerging as a variant of the original vases, the Azoici S are a domestic-friendly version, smaller in size and produced in series of 8 pieces.




From 4 to 12 September,
Babled Edition presents the exhibition:

Osmosi Complement 7

Venice Glass Week 2021 at Palazzo Loredan
Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti
San Marco 2945, Venice — 10am - 6pm


This year, Emmanuel Babled presents Complement 7 of the limited edition Osmosi at Palazzo Loredan, in Sala di Venere (Boudoir). It is a sculptural console table that combines handblown glass from Murano with white marble from Carrara.


By combining avant-garde technology with traditional craftsmanship, glass and marble innovatively coalesce.
The result is a perfect symbiosis between distinct materials.



Photo credits: Laura Panno, Pedro Macedo, Stéphane Béchaud, Valentina Zanobelli

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