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June 2020

Join us in welcoming our 2020-2021 Chief Medical Residents:
First row (pictured left to right, alphabetical order): Lurit Bepo (ZSFG); Colette Dejong (VA); Yaanik Desai (VA); and Timothy Dyster (UCSF Health)
Second row: Shirin Hemmat (VA); Saundra Nguyen (ZSFG); Thuy Trang (TJ) Nguyen (ZSFG); Theo Slomoff (UCSF Health); and Anjali Thakkar (UCSF Health)


Clarice Estrada received the 2020 Chancellor Award for Exceptional University Management.

Laurae Pearson received the 2020 Chancellor Award for Exceptional University Management.

Claire Horton was named Chief Medical Officer of the San Francisco Health Network.

Rupa Marya received the 2020 Edison T. Uno Public Service Award.

Sor Piawah received the Dean’s Diversity Fund Award.

Stephanie Rennke received the Osler Distinguished Teaching Award.


Lianne Gensler, Antonio Gomez, Mary Gray, Lowell Lo, and Judith Wisneski (pictured above, left to right) are this year's Department of Medicine Master Clinicians. The Council of Master Clinicians was established to honor members of our faculty distinguished by their commitment to clinical medicine and their superb clinical skills. See the complete list of Master Clinicians here, including former awardees.


Peter Barish received the School of Medicine Award for Excellence in Teaching for Clinical Faculty.

David Chia, Robin Goldman, Era Kryzhanovskaya, Anna Malkina, Lisa Ochoa-Frongia, and Binh An Phan were accepted to the Teaching Scholars Program for 2020-2021.

Peter Chin-Hong was quoted in several media outlets (NY Times, Wall Street Journal, SF Chronicle, KQED) discussing Covid-19 myths, transmission risks, the role of convalescent plasma, and problems with the distribution of remdesivir.

Claire Debolt, Nghiem Ha, Katherine Malcolm, and John Penner received the School of Medicine Teaching Excellence Award for Cherished Housestaff (T.E.A.C.H).

Joel Ernst and Melanie Ott were quoted in a Mercury News article regarding the potential of a coronavirus vaccine in 2021. Ott and Michael Matthay also appeared on NPR describing SARS-CoV-2 transmission and how the virus hijacks human cells.

Tung Nguyen was quoted in the SF Chronicle about data suggesting higher coronavirus death rates in San Francisco’s Asian American community.

Sriram Shamasunder appeared in multiple media outlets (SF Chronicle, KQED, The Appeal, ABC News, Albuquerque Journal) discussing UCSF’s Heal Initiative, and its role in providing clinical support to the Navajo Nation during the coronavirus pandemic.

Emily Silverman was featured in Pop-Up Magazine for her miniseries, “Stories from a Pandemic,” highlighting audio diaries from doctors, nurses, and administrators about their work in the time of Covid-19.

Bob Wachter was featured in the Wall Street Journal in an article discussing his widely-read tweets about scientific, clinical, and policy aspects of the pandemic. He, Molly Cooke, and Paul Volberding were featured in a CNBC News article describing how San Francisco's response to the AIDS epidemic influenced its response to Covid-19.

Ethan Weiss was featured in a New York Times article about the safety of airline travel in the Covid-19 pandemic.

See all DOM coronavirus-related news here.


Congratulations to the recipients of the 2020 Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Medicine Faculty Awards!

Jessica Beaman: Professional Altruism Award
David Chia: Distinction in Medical Education Award
Jonathan Davis: Henry F. (Chip) Chambers, MD Medicine Subspecialist Consultant Award
Elaine Khoong: Outstanding Junior Investigator Award
Sarah Leyde: Clinical Fellow Award
Hana Lim: Performance/Quality Improvement Award
Meghan O'Brien: Care Experience Award
Binh An Phan: Mentoring Award
Sumant Ranji: John F. Murray, MD Award for Excellence in Internal Medicine


Congratulations to the DOM staff recipients of the UCSF STAR Program Achievement Awards! These awards recognize staff members' significant contributions and/or sustained exceptional performance over time. See the complete list of DOM awardees here.


Stanton Glantz and team: a grant of $20.4M over 5 years from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute for a project entitled, “Integrated health, behavioral and economic research on current and emerging tobacco products.”

Rima Arnaout and team: a grant of $4M over 5 years from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute for a project entitled, “Improving cardiovascular image-based phenotyping using emerging methods in artificial intelligence.”

Katerina Christopoulos and team: a grant of $3.2M over 4 years from the National Institute of Mental Health for a project entitled, “Understanding patient, provider, and systems stakeholder attitudes and preferences to optimize implementation of long-acting injectable antiretrovirals and maximize clinical and public health impact.”

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