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Happy late Monday night!  Several months ago, we learned that the 2020 Summer Olympics had been rescheduled for mid-summer 2021, but that is not the only sporting event interrupted by the global coronavirus outbreak. Nearly half of all major sporting events likely will not take place as planned. In addition to the HPA Eagles’ spring season, here is a list of some of the other iconic events that have been rescheduled or canceled entirely.

Boston Marathon – The Boston Marathon has never been canceled in its 120+ year history.  Although the format was modified in 1918 and the race was cut short in 2013 (due to the terrorist bombings), the marathon has always been held in April. This year, the Boston Marathon, which attracts over 30,000 runners from around the world, has been delayed from April 20 to September 14.

Masters Golf Tournament – Tiger Woods’ victory at the 2019 Masters will stand a little longer as the golf classic has been moved from March to November, 2020.

Wimbledon - The Wimbledon Championships were canceled for the first time since World War II, as the pandemic erased yet another blue-ribbon sporting event from the calendar.

Tour de France - For the first time since World War II, the Tour de France has been postponed.  Originally scheduled to take place from June 27 through July 19, the Tour is now scheduled to begin on August 29th.

Kentucky Derby – The 146 th renewal of the “Greatest Two Minutes in Sports”, originally scheduled for May 2, has been rescheduled for September 5th .

Little League World Series – Originally scheduled for August, the Little League World Series has been canceled for the first time in the history of this international youth-sports event which began in 1947.

Major League Sports – All major league sports are working with local public health officials to design a season that protects both the athletes and the fans. Unfortunately, at least for now, most of these plans envision a shortened season – and one without fans in attendance.  Thank goodness for TV!

With so many sports delayed or canceled, sports fans – like me – have begun looking elsewhere for the thrill of competition. Croquet, badminton, and ping pong with the family take on all the trappings of a major sporting event. We warm up, we toss a coin for home field advantage, we shake hands with our opponent, and then leave it all on the field – or on the ping pong table, as the case may be! Oh boy, I can’t wait for the fall!

Please join me this week in celebrating the girls soccer teams, the boys basketball teams, 8th grade superstars, and learn about some whacky animal sports.  And again, since there are no professional sports currently taking place, we will also relive special moments in sports history, as we look back to “This Day in History”.

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Stay safe everyone!


Sonya Stromberg

Sonya Stromberg, MS, ATC
Associate Athletic Director, Athletic Trainer


Congratulations to the 2019-20 Girls Soccer Teams.  The Girls A -Team played tough from the first game, and didnt let up for the remainder of the season, not losing a single game.  The girls won 4 games and tied 3 games, earning a spot in the playoffs, and making Eagle fans proud.  While they didn’t win the title, they played their hardest and restablished the Eagles as a force to be reckoned with in the league.  With only four graduating 8th graders, they are positioned to dominate the league again next season.  

The tournament team also gained some great experience during their tournament this season.  Though they are a young team, they are spunky and full of energy, which should help carry them into a successful season next year.  Thanks to Coaches Jaime Mejia and Steve Sisson for helping to make it such a successful and fun season for the girls!


2019-20 Girls Soccer Team Roster

Brianna B. (7th)

Lily B. (7th)

Morgan B. (8th)

Rose B. (7th)

Elina C. (7th)

Sophia C. (7th)

Maddie D. (8th)

Annabelle H. (8th)

Katelin K. (7th)

Story L. (6th)

Emma N. (6th)

Ava R. (7th)

Taylor T. (7th)

Cam T. (8th)

Lola W. (7th)

Coaches:  Jaime Mejia & Steve Sisson


2019-20 Girls 5th/6th Tournament Team Roster

Piper C. (5th)

Rhea L. (5th)

Julia L. (5th)

Laela C. (5th)

Josephine L. (6th)

Emma N. (6th)

Melody D. (5th)

Sarah A. (5th)

Amanda C. (5th)

Julianne K. (5th)

Alice G. (5th)

Coach: Jamie Mejia


HPA started a new tradition this year, as the boys soccer team matched up against the powerful girls squad, in a battle of the sexes on the field.  It was an afternoon filled with skilled soccer, good sportsmanship, good-natured trash-talk, and lots of fans and fun!


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Thank you to coach Khalaf (and coach Choi for helping out when needed) for coaching the 2019-20 Boys Basketball Team.  Coach Khalaf had the opportunity to coach his son and the rest of the Eagles for the past two years, and got to watch them grow together as a team.  

The A-team will get to welcome some very talented B-Team members, as they move up next season.  Coaches Joe Orlandini and Jenna Orlandini both helped to develop fundamentals this season with the B-Team and the Tournament teams, and both teams played tough during every game.  Congratulations to all of the boys who participated on this year’s basketball teams.


2019-20 Boys A-Team Basketball Roster

Sergey B. (8th)

Bradley B. (8th)

Ray C. (7th)

Jackson C. (7th)

Anthony G. (7th)

David G. (8th)

John K. (8th)

Jake L. (7th)

Joel S. (7th)

Coaches: John Khalaf (Father to John -8th grade) with help from Paul Choi (father to Elina -4th grade)


2019-20 Boys B-Team Basketball Roster

Jad A. (6th)

Sotiris A. (7th)

Zachary C. (7th)

David D. (7th)

Saverio F. (7th)

Will G. (7th)

Sebastian H. (6th)

Lucas K. (6th)

Cory L. (6th)

Caden M. (6th)

Andy P. (7th)

William Z. (6th)

Coach:  Joe Orlandini (Uncle to Jenna Orlandini)


2019-20 Boys B-Team Basketball Roster

Jagan G. (6th)

Sebastian H. (6th)

Lucas K. (6th)

Jerry W. (6th)

Ethan C. (6th)

William Z. (6th)

Armen B. (6th)

Jettrin B. (6th)

Jerry S. (6th)

Caden M. (6th)

Coach: Jenna Orlandini


Thank you to Coach Khalaf and Coach Iek for helping to garner interest from the 4th grade students in this year’s 4th grade co-ed basketball league.  They had so many students come out for the first practice (one of which was his Coach Khalaf’s youngest son Anthony, and Coach Iek’s son Anthony), which speaks to their coaching skills, and bodes well for the future of HPA Sports!  Congratulations to all of the boys and girls who participated on this year’s team.


2019-20 4th Grade Co-Ed Basketball Roster

Anthony K. 

Camila R.

Brisa P.

Travis G.

Connor C.

Lucas Y.

Tyler W.

Max S.

Ava H.

Josh L.

Max L.

Anthony I.

Katia J.

Lindsay G.

James B.

Donovan B.

Coaches: John Khalaf (father to Anthony K.) & William Iek (father to Anthony I.)


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Kayley B.


Kayley participated on the swim team her 7th grade year and likely would have participated during her 8th grade year had the season not been canceled.   She was also regularly spotted on the sidelines cheering for her friends.  Outside of HPA, Kayley swims on the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center swim team.  Next year Kayley will be attending Mayfield Senior School, and would love to swim and play water polo (and possibly tryout for the volleyball team) for the Cubs.  During quarantine, Kayley has been trying to stay active and has discovered some new activities…. like tie-dying shirts!  Congratulations Kayley, on all of your accomplishments as an HPA Eagle! 


Greg F.


 Gregs 8th grade year didn’t exactly go as planned, when he injured himself on the 8th grade class trip at the beginning of the year, requiring surgery to his dominate arm, followed by a lengthy rehabilitation period.  Unfortunately Greg was unable to participate  on the football and basketball teams as he had during his 7th grade year, but he could always be found on the sideline cheering on his friends.  Greg likely would have been able to participate on the swim team this season, and was planning to try out for the volleyball team, if sports had not been canceled due to the pandemic.  Next year Greg will be attending Loyola High School of Los Angeles, where he would like to play football and participate on the swim team.  Outside of HPA, Greg is a member of the Rose Bowl Aquatics team.  For fun during quarantine, Greg has been playing games, taking walks and testing out his culinary skills with some new recipes.    Congratulations Greg and thank you for all of your accomplishments as an HPA Eagle!


Morgan B.


Morgan is the true definition of an all-around athlete.  During her HPA Junior High Career, Morgan participated on the cross country team, the track team, the swim team, and played volleyball and soccer.  She helped lead both the girls volleyball and soccer teams to a trip to the championship match during her 8th grade year.  Outside of HPA, Morgan plays soccer for Global Premiere Soccer California, and runs for the Crimson Stride Running Club.  Next year, Morgan will be attending Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy where she hopes to participate on the cross country and track & field teams, and play soccer for the TOLOGS.  For fun during quarantine, Morgan has been training for triathlon season which should get underway once the world re-opens again.  Congratulations Morgan, on all of your accomplishments as an HPA Eagle!  


Charlie M.


As a High Point Eagle, Charlie  participated on the boys volleyball team during his 7th grade year, and would have likely played his 8th grade year had the season not been canceled due to the pandemic.   Outside of HPA, Charlie plays golf, and likes to participate in winter sports such as skiing.  Next year Charlie will be attending La Salle Preparatory School, where he hopes to play volleyball for the Lancers.    Charlie has been keeping busy during the quarantine by playing games with friends.  Congratulations Charlie, on all of your accomplishments as an HPA Eagle! 


Claire X.


Although she didn’t participate on an HPA athletic team, Claire was a driving force of encouragement to her friends.  Claire plays badminton, which unfortunately is not a sport currently offered at High Point.  Claire is planning to attend Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy in La Canada Flintridge next year, where she is contemplating trying out for the TOLOG Badminton team.  Claire has been keeping busy drawing during the quarantine.  Congratulations Claire, on all of your accomplishments as an HPA Eagle! 


Will M.


Another All-Around athlete, Will participated on the football, soccer, track & field teams his 7th and 8th grade years.  He also played volleyball his 7th grade year, and would have played his 8th grade year had the coronavirus not forced the cancelation of the season.  Outside of HPA, Will plays soccer for LA Surf Club, and volleyball for San Gabriel Elite volleyball club.  Next year, Will will be attending St. Francis High School in La Canada, where he plans to participate on the track & field team, and play football, soccer and maybe volleyball for the Knights.  For fun during quarantine, Will has been exercising, and “doing YouTube (but NOT watching YouTube though)”.  Congratulations Will, on all of your accomplishments as an HPA Eagle! 


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Whacky Animal Sports

It’s interesting how many sports involve animals.  Of course, there are the more familiar ones, like horse racing and polo, but there are some unusual ones as well.  

Popular throughout the Middle East, as well as Mongolia and Australia, Camel Racing takes place every year from late October to early April.  Camels race along a sand track up to 10 miles long, while their owners drive alongside shouting and honking their horns.  As many as 70 camels race at a time. (We’ll have to ask Mr. Moore if he followed the camel races when he was growing up in Australia!).

Tuna Tossing is a popular sport in Australia, where men and women 16 years and older compete to see who can toss a 22 lb frozen tuna the farthest.  Contestants can toss, twirl, throw, fling, or chuck the tuna when trying to beat the World Record of 82 feet!  (I see tuna tossing in Aiden’s future, Mr Moore… I'll start to help training him once we are allowed to return to campus!  To get him started, 5-10 year olds participate in Prawn Tossing!).

Rabbit Jumping started in Sweden in the early 1970’s, and has rules similar to horse jumping but modified to suit rabbits.  Rabbit hopping came to the United States in 2001, with the first national competition held in 2011.  Competitions include straight and crooked courses, as well as high jump and long jump.  The world record for the highest rabbit jump is 42 inches, and the world record for the longest jump is 9.88 feet- both held by the same very talented Swedish bunny!  To all of my Equestrian enthusiasts (Cam T. and Ms. Butterfield to name a couple), might I suggest rabbit jumping as an alternative until you can get back on the horse???


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  • 1897     American baseball NY Giant, William (Bill) Joyce sets record of 4 triples in one game
  • 1912     As beat Tigers 24-2, who use amateurs protesting Ty Cobbs suspension
  • 1933     1st major league All-Star Game announced for July 6 at Comiskey Park, to be played as part of the Chicago Worlds Fair
  • 1942    NYC ends night baseball games for the duration of WWII
  • 1947     As catcher Warren Rosar catches his 147th game without an error
  • 1956     Mickey Mantle hits Homeruns from both sides of the plate for a record 3rd time
  • 1963     Ernie Davis, American Football Hall of Fame halfback (1st African American to win the Heisman Trophy 1961, Syracuse), dies of Leukemia at age 23
  • 1971     In the Stanley Cup Finals, NHL Legend, Frank Mahovilich, scores twice as the Montreal Canadians beat the Chicago Blackhawks
  • 1986     Chung Kwung Ying does 2,750 “atomic” hand-stand push-ups
  • 1990     Edmonton Oilers right wing, Jari Kurri, sets record for scoring in a Stanley Cup Finals game with 3 goals and 2 assists in a 7-2 win at the Boston Garden (on his birthday)
  • 1991     Willy T. Ribbs becomes the first black driver to make the lineup for the Indianapolis 500
  • 1994     In the 2nd UEFA Champions League Final, Milan beats Barcelona 4-0
  • 1995     Disney announces that is buying 25% of the California Angels Baseball team
  • 1998     Michael Jordan won the MVP for the 5th time in his career.  The honor tied him with Bill Russell for the second-most MVP awards in NBA history, trailing only Kareem Abdul Jabbar
  • 2000     Mark McGwire (St. Louis Cardinals) hits his 539th career home run to pass Mickey Mantle on the all-time list.
  • 2001     101-year-old Harold Stilson becomes the oldest golfer to record a hole-in-one when he aces the 108-yard, par-3, 16th hole at the Deerfield Country Club, Florida
  • 2004     Arizona Diamondbacks’ Randy Johnson, becomes the 16th pitcher to throw a perfect game (2-0 vs. Atlanta).  He became the oldest player to ever achieve this feat at age 40

Thanks for stopping by. See you next Monday!

Make it a great week!  Go Eagles!!!   


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