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New Release from Vinyl Disciples
Introducing the fantastic new track Craving California from pop / house group Vinyl Disciples.
Vinyl Disciples: Craving California
Track Title:
Craving California
Pop / House
Launch Date:
29th May 2020
ISRC Code:
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Artist Location: USA and Dubai
DJ group Vinyl Disciples brings that old school international house vibe to the dance music scene.
Vinyl Disciples is formed by group members from the US all the way to Saudi Arabia that are bringing a fresh new classic sound back to the Dance music scene and constantly gaining popularity among the Dance and Electronic music fans. They’ve been mixing for years and created a number of Hit sets and have played to devoted fans in several clubs and cities around the world. Coming from different backgrounds, the members manage to create a fusion of international-inspired sounds that has the potential to rule the charts worldwide.
The group is made of a squad of creative members with a common love for music, art, and enjoying life. They seem to mix a blend of the old house legends infused with some of todays newer artists on the block. You can hear influences of legends like Ben Watt, Deep Dish, Ivano Bellini of Space Miami fame to some of todays artists like Kygo and Calvin Harris. All the members met in Boston and together they decided to remix and produce music that people would love to listen to. “Music is easy when you are surrounded by people that inspire you and that you get along with! We’re best friends! We don’t all live in the same city anymore, but we’re still able to deliver music in its different forms; whether its DJ sets, remixing or producing. We’ll keep doing it, as long as people keep listening to it!” - Vinyl Disciples.
Contact Vinyl Disciples on +1 617 335 6777 or +1 617 201 2010 or at, and please mention Radio Pluggers!
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