This newsletter is dedicated to our fellow bibliophiles who find in this quarantine period the perfect opportunity to dust off the books in their shelves and feed their curiosity with new literature.

Dear friends, 

This newsletter is dedicated to our fellow bibliophiles who find in this quarantine period the perfect opportunity to dust off the books in their shelves and feed their curiosity with new literature. Whether you are an old-fashioned book lover or a digital book enthusiast, we will lead you to the best Spanish writing. Keep scrolling for the best reading recommendations!


Discover Spanish books by contemporary authors

In this section, you will find some recommendations on Spanish books that have been recently translated into English. By ordering the following selection in paper and ink, you are also supporting your local independent bookstore. It’s a win-win!


Nevada Days by Bernardo Atxaga

A seductive, unclassifiable blend of autobiography and fiction set in Reno from the preeminent Basque author and winner of the 2019 National Prize for Spanish Literature, Bernardo Atxaga.


This too shall Pass by Milena Busquets

This touching and deeply funny story of pleasure and loss will take you to an unforgettable summer in Cadaqués, where Blanca tries to overcome the unexpected death of her mother, accompanied by her two sons, two ex-husbands, and two best friends.


Lord of All the Dead: A Nonfiction Novel by Javier Cercas

From the internationally renowned author of Soldiers of Salamis, a courageous journey into his own family history and that of a country collapsing from a fratricidal war. His most moving and personal book, one he has spent his entire life preparing to write.


And our recommendation for the little ones at home:


A Good Day by Miren Asiain Lora & Daniel Nesquens

Animal lovers of all ages will fall in love with this fanciful story about friendship and freedom.


Explore digital archives and online resources

In times of enclosure we can find our way to the outdoors by exploring the vast world of the Net and accessing digitized collections of great value. Content is countless, so take a big breath and get ready to dive into our top choices.


The Hispanic Digital Library

The Digital Library of the National Library of Spain provides free access to thousands of digitized documents, including books printed from the 15th to the 20th century, manuscripts, drawings, photographs, maps, historic newspapers and magazines and audio recordings.


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join us in the commemoration of the centenary of Benito Pérez Galdós’ death, by reading these 1890’s English editions of his novels Lady Perfecta and Marianela.


Benito Pérez Galdós, from his living room, encourages you to #stayhome.


The World Digital Library

The WDL is a project of the U.S. Library of Congress, carried out with the support of UNESCO, that offers an outstanding volume of free historical documents in cooperation with libraries, archives, museums, educational institutions, and international organizations from around the world.


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Fall in love with the exoticism felt by Washington Irving when visiting the South of Spain in 1829 by reading one of his most famous works, The Alhambra.


Project Gutenberg

This volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works was founded in 1971 and now hosts over 60,000 free eBooks. You will find the world's great literature here, with focus on older works for which U.S. copyright has expired. 


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Impress your friends and family at your next Thanksgiving dinner by telling them how this stay-at-home situation finally gave you the opportunity to read one of the masterworks of world literature, Don Quixote. You can’t say you never have time anymore!


Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos

Want to learn about literature in Spanish? Check out the website of Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos, a literary magazine founded in 1948 and published monthly by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation.


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Read this interview with Sara Mesa while we wait for the English translation of her book Four by Four, to be published in May.