We are proudly announcing a group exhibition PHRAKANONG.


We have additional gig on top of our EP release, Label launch and 5th anniversary, now we are announcing a group show with 10 international artists!!

“PHRAKANONG” artists are below.

Alex Osmoze Brakha
Dee Sweet Drug
Kaoru Konagai
Sadam Yoshizawa
Sandy Chuchat

So 4 in 1 event will be held on 29th March at GOJA Gallery Cafe now!

Please pencil it down in your calendar krub pom! Yes, we are having a party on 29th March (Fri) from 1900pm to celebrate GOJA Gallery Cafe 5th year anniversary, GOJA Records launch party, EP release and an opening for the Exhibition with a special guest from Tokyo, KEIZOmachine! from HIFANA!!! More infos will be posted soon for other line ups on the night!! Do not miss this epic night!!

"GOJA Gallery Cafe 5th year anniversary, GOJA Records lauch, EP release party and opening party for Exhibition"
Date : 29th March, 2019 (Fri)
Place : GOJA Gallery Cafe, Phrakanong Bangkok Thailand
Time : 19:00pm~
Lineup : KEIZOmachine! from HIFANA and more!
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Did you know we have “Boombap Phrakanong” on Sundays? (this one is on Friday but…usually on Sundays!!)
Please check out more infos at GOJA FB page for more infos about BOOMBAP Sunday!!!