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“Be anxious for nothing…”!

"Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear”? Matt 6:31

These powerful words have helped and inspired me on many occasions over many years. They have settled my soul and have drawn me to Christ who uttered them, not only for me, but for mankind.   

There are many around the world for whom these words might be perceived as teasing; they might be reminiscent of a distant dream as they sit in hunger and thirst with little to cover them.  Clearly we live in a broken world in great turmoil for so many.  Their lives ripped apart by war or natural disaster.  Their pitiful cry to be saved and to find peace once again from the constant disappointments around them.  How can we say that God intends these words for them.   But He does!  All of us need to put our trust in the Sovereign God.  The fact that He is Sovereign means that he is in charge of every circumstance of our lives as we trust Him.  When we finally acknowledge this we can be sure of His plan operating in our lives.   He is there to help us through the times of hardship and pain, recognising that for some that is a whole lifetime.  
Our western quick fix temperament causes us to require that we see ‘wrongs' righted immediately and “if I were God” type phrases are drawn in opposition to the so called wrongs we see.   However we are not God and we can’t fix things all the time, not even most of the time.   Our educated, academic stance firmly says “no” to any kind of pain and even mild discomfort, however God uses these challenges to make us more like His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.
Still I struggle as I watch those suffering in Haiti as a result of hurricane Matthew, or war torn Syria and S. Sudan.  For those forgotten by the media in D.R. Congo and elsewhere and for those we never knew about in the first place.

As we pray for those who are in the greatest of need, we can become the answer to our own prayer.  We can help by Going, by Giving and by Volunteering as a fundraiser or in some other way. Please prayerfully consider becoming part of the answer.

I thank God that He is in control of the complexities of this fallen and broken world.  Help me to serve Him and those He loves around the world with all that I have.

2 Chronicles 20:6 “O Lord, God of our fathers, are you not God in heaven? You rule over all the kingdoms of the nations. In your hand are power and might, so that none is able to withstand you.”

Hugh Henderson MBE
CEO Mission International
The Haiti Project:
Our mission team of volunteers has recently returned from Haiti and report the many challenges of this needy community.   The team were in themselves very challenged when they saw the poor of Ouanaminthe raise what support they could for those affected by the hurricane. The team were able to raise funds in advance of their trip and further funding still is being raised to support the very needy in Haiti.  Please consider supporting the poor of Haiti by doing a fundraiser in your area and Mission International will be able to directly support the most affected directly through the Haiti project.
To donate on-line follow this link: 

See below for information on Guild visits and Hurricane Matthew
Nyembuye water project extension:
Some years ago Miss International was able to fund a water project for the Nyembuye Clinic near Rutana.  With the help of Christian Engineers for Development and the many donors who helped fund the £15,000 cost of the project we were able to see a fully functioning water supply provide, clean, safe and plentiful water for the medical centre and for the wider community.   A small horticultural project has also benefitted from the copious water, seeing orange and other fruit trees as well as pineapples growing well.  The large water storage tank which terminates the pipe just outside the clinic has overflowed with water since its completion, showing that there is sufficient water to provide a further sustainable supply to another nearby community.  And so the Nyembuye water supply extension was muted.
Now, due to the generosity of an independent donor the funds are in place for the water supply extension to be put in place.  We look forward to this project being completed and will keep you informed as to its progress.
Joyce, a young Maasai girl who serves with MI Kenya partners PFJM, near Narok sustained a nasty head injury whilst using an axe to chop fire wood, when the axehead parted company with the axe handle, striking her on the head.   This resulted in headaches, fainting and as a result time off school.  Joyce is a very committed member of the church in Narok and so everyone was concerned for her wellbeing.  It was clear that the injury that Joyce had sustained would require medical assessment and treatment.   The problem with this analysis was that Joyce and her family did not have the funds to go for a check up and treatment, which was to cost in the region of £200.   Mission International donors came to the rescue once again and now Joyce has been assessed and is receiving treatment.  We pray that she will fully recover and continue on with her education.   The picture shows Joyce (and her mum who is amazed at the love shown to her daughter by strangers) beside the hospital sign in which she was treated.

To support Mission International’s Medical Support Fund please click here.
Guild visits:
A number of Mission International staff and volunteers have now begun the second of three years of visits to CofS Guilds across Scotland.   Their purpose is to talk about and update the Guilds on the current situation in Haiti.   During the 2015/16 session MI reps visited 108 Guilds and it is likely that a similar number will be visited again in this new session.   The talks have been very well received and the fundraising done by the Guild for the project is progressing well.   Please continue to pray for our reps as they travel up and down the country to visit the Guilds that they might remain safe on the roads and that they may be able to clear communicate the work of Mission International in Haiti and encourage those who are working to bring funds together for the successful completion of the project.
We are all very grateful to the Guild for their commitment to this project and for the way they have received those who have come to speak to them.

Hurricane Matthew:
To add to the troubles that Haiti has had to endure over the last few years,; many will be familiar with the news footage of the recent hurricane which has devastated large portions of the south west of the country. Some 90% of infrastructure has been destroyed and 
We are happy to report that Ouanaminthe, the city where the MI Haiti Project is being developed, was largely unaffected by the hurricane, however many internally displaced people are likely to descend on the city seeking refuge and support.

To donate to Mission International’s work in Haiti please follow this link: 
A very necessary wall:
Christians in Pakistan live with the threat of terrorism all the time. Their presence in a strongly Islamic country is barely tolerated by many.   Recently a section of the school compound wall collapsed after heavy rainfall and the school was advised to erect a new section of wall as soon as possible.   Local security personnel made it clear that the school staff and pupils were in peril if they did not put the wall back.   Their problem was that they did not have the funding necessary to fix the breach in the way and so approached Mission International to help.  It is only because of the faithful help of Mission International supporters that we were able to send the necessary funds to help in this emergency situation.   Now the children are able to safely attend school once again and staff can be secure in the fact that their workplace is protected again.
Migowi Vocational Skills Centre, Malawi:
Recently Mission International was able to raise the funds to build a Vocational Skills Centre in the village of Migowi in Southern Malawi.   Everyone in the area is delighted to see the centre now complete and ready to receive its first trainees.
A ceremony was planned to open the centre, however a government official arrived and told MI partners that the centre could not be opened until the local water supply was either repaired or replaced.  This has been  a real challenge to the local people who do not have the resources to fix or replace the nearby water pump, which in its most simple form will cost £4100.  We are keen to raise this amount at least for the project in order that the first trainees can take their place at the centre.

To support this project on-line please follow tis link: https://my.give.net/MalawiProjects/Donate/GiftDetails
Teams 2017:
Mission International is currently recruiting for teams for 2017.  

Teams are planned for the summer of 2017 to destinations in Africa and elsewhere.  Your skills may make the difference for the future of an individual, a family or a community. 
Even if you think you have little to offer, your friendship and commitment to those forgotten by the world will be a great encouragement to many. 

If you would like to be considered for a Mission Team to help the people in need in the developing world then please get in touch with us mail@mission-international.org

The picture shows the Kenya team 2016
Mission Conference - with Peter Maiden:
St Peter’s in Dundee will be holding its annual Mission Conference on Saturday and Sunday 18th & 19th March 2017.  The keynote speaker this year will be Peter Maiden well known for his involvements in Operation Mobilisation and The Keswick Convention.

Further seminars are also planned during the course of the day and provision for children too. 

More information will be posted about this conference soon, however please put the date in your diary and plan to be there.
the BIG meal 2016:
A growing number of children in a growing number of countries are now being fed the BIG meal on Christmas Day.   Again this year on Christmas Day 2016 we hope to see the numbers of children who are fed grow.   For £3.00 you can support one child to have a slap up meal on Christmas Day.  The BIG meal supports children who otherwise would have a bleak Christmas due to poverty in their family and that many are orphaned.

On a typical BIG meal Christmas event the children will gather, trying to look as smart as possible, often in clothes borrowed from elsewhere, some in what ever simple clothes they have.   They will sit either in a church building or under the shade of a large tree where they will be entertained with songs and stories, dramas and games.   The Christmas story will be told to them and then they will line up to be given a plate of food.  Their food will be special.   Today not the irregular maize meal or cassava meal porridge; today it’s rice and beans and meat and that is washed down with a bottle of soda.   For many this will be the best Christmas they have ever had.

Any parents or guardians who attend will help by cooking the food or marshalling the children in line, or telling stories and leading the singing.  Christmas celebrations in the developing world are community affairs where everyone will join in.

In some of the locations local business people also contribute now that the BIG meal has become something of an annual event.  Your contribution will make a child very happy.   

Please consider doing a fundraising event for the BIG meal in your area.
Please Pray!
Those affected by hurricane Matthew: Many families and communities have been devastated by the recent hurricane which caused flooding in the costal areas drowning many and destroyed up to 90% of the infrastructure in Jeremy and Jacmel.  It will be a long, slow process of reconstruction. Please pray that the population will be protected from diseases like cholera and typhoid.
Pastor Pat Martinez the MI partner in the Philippines has been diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver.  He is in considerable pain and needs treatment. That’s difficult in the developing world since medical care is very expensive.
Myanmar partner Pastor Tun Lin’s wife is about to have a baby.  She is in hospital at the time of writing and so we pray she safely gives birth to their child.  Hospital costs are expected to be in the region of £250.
Malawi’s Migowi Skills Centre: We need to find about £4000 to fund a water supply for the skills centre so that it can go ahead with the programme of training which is scheduled.
MI Kenya partner Pastor Tom Opiyo is about to graduate from Pan Africa University.  We thank God for his success in his studies and pray that as he celebrates with family and friends he will know God’s blessing.
The on-going work of Mission International: Please continue to pray for God’s provision for the work that we do.   We see many helped and supported and many come to faith in Christ as a result of our work and service.  Pray that God provides for the who serve in the UK and overseas.
Volunteers: Please pray that God inspires people to volunteer with Mission International.  There are various positions where faithful volunteers are required.
You can support any of our projects on-line through our Give.net donation page.
There other ways to give to.   To find out more please visit our website Giving page here!
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