March 2018


Towfigh Magazine:
a satirical newspaper

Talk by Dr Abbas Towfigh




Organised by

Iran Heritage Foundation 


​Tuesday 13th March 2018, 18.30


Asia House, 63 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 7LP 


Please note this lecture will be in Persian.

Dr Abbas Towfigh is known as one of Iran's foremost satirists and was the editorial cartoonist for the renowned Towfigh Magazine. For many years, along with his brothers, he not only managed the Towfigh weekly publication but also the Towfigh Publishing House. The magazine was the most popular satirical newspaper in Iran but it was eventually banned by the Shah's regime in the early seventies. It remains to this day a remarkable example of modern Iranian satire.


Abbas Towfigh, born in 1934, received his BA in law from Tehran University and his PhD in sociology from the Sorbonne, Paris, where his dissertation was on ‘The Role of Satire in Iranian Society’. He was subsequently a professor at a number of Iranian universities. He is a poet, author, writer, editorial cartoonist, and satirist, acting as the editor-in-chief of Towfigh Magazine for many years. He has written several books, including Why was Towfigh permanently banned? which recounts the reasons behind the paper being censored and ultimately outlawed.

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Please note this lecture will be in Persian

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