- USSC meets with NRA and legislators to plan 2017 legislation.

- Missouri gets Commonsense Carry / Constitutional Carry

- Call Congress -- Obama to drive gunsmiths out of business.

- Ruger will match your donation to the NRA-ILA.

- Videos of Hillary speaking on gun control.


USSC meets with legislators and the NRA to discuss pro-gun strategy for the 2017 Utah State Legislative Session.

The USSC met with pro-gun legislators on September 9th to plan our strategy to advance pro-gun bills in the upcoming 2017 Utah State Legislative Session. Leading the meeting was gun rights stalwart Rep. Curt Oda.  Present at the meeting were many other of the movers and shakers on Utah’s Capitol Hill, NRA Lobbyist Brian Judy, and other pro-gun advocates.  Several hours were dedicated to identifying possible improvements to Utah’s gun laws as well as upcoming threats.  Participants at the meeting identified over twenty potential bills.  We are now in the process of prioritizing potential bills and will be meeting again with legislators in a few weeks to further our plans. 

During the meeting it was brought up that an anti-gun lobbyist, funded by gun-banner billionaire Michael Bloomberg may be working on Utah’s Capitol Hill this year.  If true, this could portend a difficult session for gun rights advocates. 

As we get ready to advance gun freedom in Utah, we ask that you commit now to contacting legislators when we put out the call for help.  Having thousands of e-mails and phone calls coming in to lawmakers is one of the biggest tools we have to get pro-gun bills passed and anti-gun bills defeated.  Take the time now to find out who your State Senator and State Representative are.  Click the link below to find who represents your district, then put their contact information in your address book.

Find your State Senator and Representative 

To see what can be achieved when gun rights supporters take the time to e-mail or phone legislators, take a look.

The USSC would like to thank the folks at TNT Gun Range in Murray for allowing us to use their awesome facilities for the meeting.


Missouri gets Commonsense Carry.

Map of Commonsense Carry States

On September 14th, Missouri became the 11th state to get full Commonsense Carry also known as Permit-less Carry when the Missouri legislature overrode anti-gun Democratic Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of the bill.  The law was enacted by a 24-6 vote in the Senate and a 112-41 vote in the House.  The “Show Me State” showed their love of gun rights by exceeding the two-thirds majority needed to override the Governor’s veto.

The bill also expanded protections for those who stand their ground and use deadly force to protect themselves in both public and private places.

The USSC has been trying to get Commonsense Carry passed for several years, but the bill has been thwarted by opposition from Governor Gary Herbert.  


Obama Administration seeks to put small time gunsmiths out of business through executive action.

See information below to contact Congress.

Gunsmith Photo

The Obama Administration is using executive fiat to label gunsmiths as “manufacturers of defense articles” if they perform any operation to a firearm that involves cutting, drilling, or machining of an existing firearm in order to improve its accuracy or operation or to change its caliber.  By labeling them “manufacturers of defense articles,” gunsmiths will fall under the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and be required to pay a registration fee of $2,250 per year and be subject to the Acts burdensome regulations.

The U.S. State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) administers the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and its implementing rules, the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).   The Arms Export Control Act regulates the importation and exportation of “defense articles” such as nuclear material, directed energy weapons, common firearms and ammunition.

The AECA requires that those engaged in the business of “manufacturing” defense articles to register with the DDTC and pay a registration fee that, for new applicants, is $2,250 per year even if they do not actually export or import any defense articles.

In his continuing campaign to kill the Second Amendment by a thousand cuts, the Obama Administration now puts a gunsmith who machines new dovetails on your hunting rifle for a scope mount into the same category as an international arms dealer.  His intention of course is to try to drive small-time gunsmiths out of business and impose a heavy regulatory burden on those that remain. 

What is especially egregious is that the Obama Administration’s scheme came at a time when the Export Control Reform (ECR) initiative was underway.  This initiative was designed to strengthen controls on America’s most sophisticated defense technologies, while reducing unnecessary restriction and regulation on less sensitive items.  Firearms and ammunition are some of the least sophisticated defense items on the defense article list.  

Under the ECR initiative, firearms and ammunition were supposed to be the first items moved from the DDTC’s jurisdiction to the more business-friendly Commerce Department, but Obama’s anti-gun policies have prevented that from happening. Fortunately, the NRA and members of Congress are urging the State Department to complete the ECR process and remove common firearms and ammunition from the State Department’s jurisdiction.  Doing so would remove the registration requirement for gunsmiths.

Contact your two Utah Senators and your U.S. Representative and tell them to: 

(you can cut and paste): 

“Denounce the U.S. State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls decision to treat gunsmiths as “manufacturers of defense articles” and to transfer the export licensing of commercial and sporting firearms and ammunition products from the State Department to the Department of Commerce.

To find out who is your U.S. Representative click here:

 Find my representative

Contact your U.S. Representative (click name to to e-mail):

First District -            Rob Bishop         801-625-0107 

Second District -        Chris Stewart     801-364-5550 

Third District -           Jason Chaffetz   801-851-2500

Fourth District -         Mia Love            801-996-8729

Contact both Utah Senators:

Senator Orrin Hatch      801-524-4380 or 435-586-8435

Senator Mike Lee         801-524-5933 or 435-628-5514

Please vote this November.  Hillary has pledged to continue this kind of executive abuse.


Give to the NRA-ILA, and Ruger will match your contribution dollar for dollar.

Link to Ruger Matching Contribution Page

Any donation to the NRA-ILA made at the below link before October 31st will be matched by Ruger, up to a maximum cumulative Ruger contribution of five million dollars.  

The NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) is the lobbying arm of the NRA.  They lobby at the state and federal level to protect your gun rights.  Your NRA dues do not pay for their operations.  They rely instead on donations.  With the increasing big bucks flowing into anti-gun lobbying efforts from the likes of billionaires such as Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Balmer, it is important that gun owners donate to the NRA-ILA.

The NRA-ILA relies on small contributions from lots of gun rights supporters. Your $5.00 or $10.00 will make a difference.

Hillary in her own words on guns (video).

Info on Hillary's plans


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