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John 1:1-5
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Just the other day I was discussing some of the details of a mission with someone.   We were talking about a place they had been and commented that it felt so spiritually dark there.   It’s true, we live in a dark world, one in which there are so many sadnesses and struggles for so many people.  Not only the problems of poverty that we see around us, in particular when we visit the developing world; but the sense of despair many know as they try to make sense of the unfairness of it all.  “I’m so glad I live in a western country” is one response to the trials perceived which others face daily.  However that all pervading darkness and despair blights the lives of many in western societies too.   How do we break free of the darkness?

The Apostle John was able to write about it, because the problem of people living in darkness is not a new development to our modern world, the spiritual darkness experienced by mankind captured lives then too.   Whether we are aware of it all of the time, or just in our moments of sadness, there is no doubt that we are touched by darkness.  John refers to LIFE and LIGHT coming from the One who made everything we now see and experience in the natural world.   Not only has he made everything (including us) but he has become "the LIGHT of men”.   As the contemporary song says:
"Light of the world, You step down into darkness. Open my eyes let me see".
We are called to seek the One who is the Light of this dark world, He (Christ) came into this world to make (spiritually) blind eyes see.   Let us turn to the Light who is Christ and experience the New Life He has won for us. 

Isaiah 9:2 "The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned".

Hugh Henderson MBE
CEO Mission International
Header image - early morning, ferry crossing the Nile at Lake Albert, Murchison Falls Game Park
Living Water Clinic, Uganda:
Emma Jane, who is currently doing a nursing degree in Edinburgh, was one of our 2017 Uganda team members. She spent most of her time serving with the Living Water Clinic.  The clinic serves the people of Lugazi and faces many challenges as it seeks to cope with those who arrive looking for medical and counselling help.  Many who come are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and require considerable counselling and support as well as free anti-retroviral medication.   Many also are unable to afford even the most basic of medication and so assistance is sought to make sure that people who come are not turned away.


Toowa School, Uganda:
Ellie, who is training to be a mechanical engineer, was part of MI’s Uganda team 2017.   She spent a lot of her time assisting in the classrooms at Toowa Primary School.   Along with English and Maths she was able to help with the sports element of the curriculum too.   “I love teaching” she says and so who knows how her future will develop as she decides on her future career.
Toowa school helps the most needy children in the community to gain an education.   This will give them and their families hope for the future, since education is a very powerful tool against poverty.
Mighty Meals for Toowa:
For the price of a pizza or a trip to the cinema you can feed a child for a whole year at Toowa School.  Yes that’s right, for just £10 you can feed a child for a whole year.
Mission International’s Mighty Meals programme is partnering with Toowa School to provide lunches for the children at the school. To give on-line follow this link: https://www.give.net/MightyMealsSupport/oneoff



Support Toowa School:
Toowa village is very poor.  Subsistence farming is the main income of those who live there.   Many children can’t go to school because their parents can’t afford the school fees.   Please consider supporting these needy families as they seek to escape poverty.   To support the school please visit our Uganda Projects page: 
Discipleship & Leadership:
Many pastors and church leaders do not have the financial or other resources to gain the training they need to faithfully and successfully lead their churches.   This means that many leaders are struggling to effectively lead their people.  Mission International seeks to help bring both discipleship and leadership training to churches where the need is the greatest.   Study Bibles and other literature are carried to provide libraries of resources for leaders who otherwise could not afford to have them.   This can be in paper or digital formats so that materials can be used by the wider church community.
You can help purchase necessary Bibles and literature for pastors and leaders in the developing world here.


Water for Toowa School:
Up till now children from Toowa primary school have had to walk long distances to a poor water source in the valley below the school and carry heavy containers of water up the hill.  Now, due to the generosity of MI donors, the school is putting in place a water well which will allow water to be pumped up to the school, providing a clean, safe and plentiful drinking water supply for the school.  This project will improver the health and hygiene of pupils and staff.   To help MI put more water projects in place please visit our Water Works donation page.
The Hope Centre Burundi:
Hugh Henderson (MI CEO) visited the Hope Centre during early August, he says “It was wonderful to find a short time to visit the Hope Centre in Burundi during my week long visit to the country.  A new kitchen has been built and a good fence has been erected around the perimeter of the site, making it more secure.  The whole complex looks good, however its about time the original building were painted to freshen them up”! Anyone interested in fundraising to purchase paint or even in going on a team to paint and refurbish the Hope Centre Buildings? Please get in touch.
To continue to support the work of the Hope Centre in Burundi please visit our Burundi Projects on-line giving page.


Nyembuye water project: 
Water in abundance!
Some years ago MI donors funded a water project to bring clean water to the clinic at Nyembuye.  Since then it has become clear that there is more water than was needed by the clinic since it was flooding over the storage tank at the end of the line.  A further donor provided the money making it possible for the pipe to extend a further 2 km where taps were strategically placed outside school buildings allowing the schools to benefit from the World Food Programme’s lunches; only for schools with running water.
We are currently seeking a further £5000 to fund another 2 km extension to this water project to the village of Kibinobono.
To help MI put more water projects in place please visit our Water Works donation page.


Miaow Water Project Malawi: 
Recently MI parters in Malawi built a Skills Centre funded by MI donors in the UK.   This is an excellent project which provides skills training for those who didn’t make it to school, giving them a skill set that will stand them in good stead for the future.   Many of those being trained are deaf or have other disabilities.
One are of concern for the project is that there is no appropriate water provision for the skills centre, making it necessary for water to be carried over long distances to the centre.
£5000 is required to put in place a water well which will not only provide for the Skills Centre but also will make clean safe water available to the whole community. 
To help MI provide a water well in Migowi please visit our Water Works donation page.



Teams 2018
Mission International is recruiting for teams planned for 2018.  To find out more contact us or visit our website.

We are currently planning teams to Kenya, Uganda, Haiti to name a few.

A team experience can change your life completely, not to mention how you can see the lives of others change too.
Fish & Chip babies:
We are grateful to all those who have been knitting fish & chip baby vests and hats.   Also to those involved in a development of this project, knitting school jumpers.
Currently our storage is jammed full and we need to raise £10,000 to send a container, which will contain the knitwear to Africa.  Please do not send any more Fish and Chip knitwear right now.   Notification of our storage becoming free again can be found on our website. http://mission-international.org/chip-shop-babies/


The Guild:
The final year, in a series of three years, is ahead of us.   We are preparing to visit around 100 Guilds across Scotland again this year.   We are so grateful to the Guild which has supported Mission International’s Haiti Project, allowing us to get underway with the construction of a Church/School/Community Centre building in the heart of the city of Ouanaminthe in Haiti.
Haiti is no stranger to tragedy and problems.   After the earthquake of 2010 and the hurricane Matthew in 2016 and long years of corruption and poverty Mission International teams have been involved at ground level seeking to bring help and relief to this in need, with a view to sustainable support in the long term.
Please pray for the work of Mission International:
Mission International Partners:
Mission International has developed partnerships with Churches and Organisations in 14 different countries.  All of our partners work and serve in extremely challenging situations.   Please pray for them as they seek to reach and serve their communities.   PARTNERSHIP is key to how Mission International does business.  If it were not for the excellent partners we have around the world we would not be able to achieve what we set out to do.
As usual our work load is high.  We have a busy session of Guild meetings to visit somewhere in the region of 100 Guilds across Scotland.  Please pray for travelling speakers and that the necessary funds will be raised for this crucial project.
Project visits:
MI CEO Hugh Henderson will visit India and Myanmar during October to survey partnership projects and to encourage and support local ministry work there. Please pray that this will be an effective and useful trip.
A team of volunteers will be travelling to Haiti in October to assist in the development of the project there.  Each time a team has gone they have experienced people living very harrowing conditions.
2018: We plan to have teams which will be deployed during 2018, please pray that these will be successful and effective.
A number of projects still require funding.   The water project in Malawi requires £5000 to complete, also the Nyembuye water project extension (2) in Burundi requires £5000 to complete.
Larger projects in Haiti, Myanmar, Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda and Peru all require considerable financial inputs.  Please pray that God provides for these projects as we seek to further them to benefit the local communities.
Mission International:
We remain unsure of our long term office accommodation.  We are grateful to the new owners of Swan House who have allowed us to stay for the time being, however this is unlikely to be a long-term solution.   Please pray that MI finds a place we can call home for the long-term.
MI Finances: MI very much runs on a shoe-string budget.   We try our best to make sure that our overheads are kept very low so that the donor funding is used to further partner projects.   This means however that it is difficult to fund the ‘home base’.  We need to continually find ways of funding salaries, office expenses and general costs.   Please pray that we are able to meet the needs of our home base costs in order that we can continue to operate.

Thank you for your prayers!
Hugh Henderson
Support the work of MI:
You can find a range of ways to donate to the work of Mission International such as bank transfers, giving forms, on-line giving and more on our giving page here: http://mission-international.org/get-involved/give/


Online giving:
Mission International uses Give.net as our on-line giving platform.  You can find the list of projects here: https://www.give.net/missioninternational
Some team images Uganda/Burundi 2017












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