Friday, April 26, 2019


In this update:

  • Legislative Drop-In
  • Scholarship Applications & Eligibility
  • Important Contact Info

Hello Everyone and Happy Spring! 

This is a VERY IMPORTANT email that includes updates for the first round of applications and scholarship eligibility.

Legislative Drop-In

First, though, we are so thankful to Heather Miller and the staff at Glenforest School who hosted our team and six legislators from Lexington County for a drop-in this past week! 


Senators Nikki Setzler and Ronnie Cromer and Representatives Paula Calhoon, Micah Caskey, Chip Huggins and Chris Wooten all took time out of their very hectic and busy schedules to come and meet parents and children who are involved in the Exceptional SC scholarship program.


I told everyone there that it was simply impressive that all these legislators showed up for this gathering despite the heavy workload that accompanies the end of the legislative session.

Make sure to say thanks to them and others who support Exceptional SC’s scholarship program when you see them! 


Important Reminders

As always, we want to be brief, but this monthly newsletter includes a couple of very important deadlines and reminders.

1. First Round Application Deadline is Next Week

During the month of May, our team will be verifying the first round of scholarship applications – that’s 2,300 applications already!!

We will close the first round of applications April 30th and will re-open the application portal on June 1st for our second round.

We have received many messages from parents who are having their children’s testing done in May and June and this second round application period should accommodate those students.

2. Eligibility Requirements

We have simplified eligibility requirements for you. You now need to complete and upload to TADS only one of these forms:

  1. The Medical Professional Form is signed by any licensed professional (pediatrician, occupational therapist, speech therapist, or psychologist) and will remain in good standing for three years from the date it is signed. 

  2. The Educator Eligibility Form is signed by your student's school and should be used in cases when your student is tested or has an IEP from the public school system. Your student's school will need copies of the testing/EIP paperwork before signing off. 

Parents should expect to be notified of award amounts for their students before school begins. 

Also, please note that ADD and ADHD as stand alone diagnoses do not qualify. Please visit our website and read this article for more information.

Thanks again for all you do! We’ll stay in touch!


Important Contact Information to Remember

As always please do not hesitate to contact the following with any specific questions or concern:

General Application or Donation Questions

Technical Application Questions (TADS)

Tax Credit Questions (SCDOR)


Chad Connelly
Executive Director


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