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We are currently working to adapt to the new and unique circumstances we are all experiencing. Now, more than ever, we would like to celebrate and share the best of Spanish culture with you!

The second edition of Spanish Cinema Now+, curated by Spanish filmmaker Pablo Berger, has been postponed. In the meantime, take a look at these three films from past editions of our annual film festival Spanish Cinema Now that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home:



Directed by Jaime Rosales, 107 minutes. Watch trailer.

Following her mother’s death, Petra embarks on a quest which leads to Jaume, a celebrated artist and powerful, ruthless man. As she attempts to uncover the truth, Petra meets Marisa, Jaume’s wife, and their son Lucas. Gradually, these characters are driven to the edge as their stories intertwine in a spiral of malice, family secrets and violence. Fate’s cruel logic, however, is derailed by a twist that opens a pathway to hope and redemption.

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The Fury of a Patient Man

Directed by Raúl Arévalo, 92 minutes. Watch trailer.

Actor Raúl Arévalo’s directorial debut is a modern-day revenge Western that garnered four Goya Awards and took the Spanish box office by storm. In Madrid, in August 2007, a small-time crook Curro is arrested as the getaway driver in a jewelry store hold-up that left a sales clerk dead. Fast-forward eight years, and Curro is preparing to leave jail, ready to pick up life with his girlfriend Ana and their young son. In the meantime, however, Ana has befriended the unassuming and mysterious José, a solitary, reserved man who frequents the local bar in which she and her brother work. As Arévalo slowly reveals José’s connections to Curro and his criminal past, a twisted tale of revenge plays out against the hot, dusty Castilian landscape.

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Smoke and Mirrors

Directed by Alberto Rodríguez, 123 minutes. Watch trailer.

This smart spy thriller from acclaimed director Alberto Rodríguez tells the mind-boggling true story of Francisco Paesa, an ex-secret agent framed by the Spanish government and forced to leave his homeland following an operation against the Basque terrorist group ETA. Rodríguez picks up the story as Paesa, finally back in Spain, receives a visit from Luis Roldan, a powerful former commissioner of police. When Roldan offers Paesa a sizable sum to help safeguard money he embezzled while in office, the ex-spy seizes the opportunity to execute an intricate revenge plan that rocks the nation.

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And if you like the classics, join the new initiative by Filmoteca Española, Doré en casa

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