Guide to the Donald J. Bogue Papers 



The University of Chicago’s Special Collections Research Center has just released a collection of works by renowned demographer and UChicago Professor of Sociology, Donald J. Bogue. The Donald J. Bogue Papers document his life in Chicago and his international work in Latin American, Asian, and African countries. They contain personal material, correspondence, writings, research materials, files pertaining to the University of Chicago research centers, photographs, a small amount of audiovisual material, and miscellaneous artifacts. Read more here…





Center for Latin American Studies

“Battling for Definition: Healing and Gender among Afro-Iberian Herbalists"

Katheryn Joy McKnight, University of New Mexico

12:30pm, Foster Hall, Room 103

1130 E 59th St.,  Chicago, IL 

Light lunch provided


FRIDAY, Jan. 11


Pearson Institute

Lunch and Learn

Jake Shapiro, Princeton

12:45pm, Harris School of Public Policy

1155 E. 60th St., Chicago, IL


Seminary Co-Op

“Bull Markets"

Sean Dinces and Larry Bennett

6:00pm, Seminary Co-Op

5751 S. Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, IL




Seminary Co-Op

“American Honor”

Craig Bruce Smith

3:00pm, Seminary Co-Op

5751 S. Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, IL


 SUNDAY, Jan. 13


UChicago Arts and Center for East Asian Studies

Black String Performance

3:00pm, Logan Center Performance Hall

915 E. 60th St., Chicago, IL


 MONDAY, Jan. 14



History and Social Science Forum

1:00pm, Pick 105

5828 S University Ave., Chicago, IL



TUESDAY, Jan. 15


Seminary Co-Op

“The History of Modern Italy"

Anthony Cardoza

6:00pm, Seminary Co-Op

5751 S. Woodlawn Ave.., Chicago, IL


Katz Center for Mexican Studies

Mexican Futures: Neoliberalism and Political Imagination

Humberto Beck and Rafael Lemus

12:30pm, John Hope Franklin Room, SS 224

1129 E 59th St., Chicago, IL



Forum on Religion and Social Science Meet and Greet

3:30pm, Pick 105

5828 S. University Ave, Chicago, IL




International House

Kreisman Panel: Space, Equity, and Lessons Learned from the Housing Field

Juan Carlos Linares, Nicole Marwell, and Marisa Novara

5:00pm, Rockefeller Lounge

1414 E 59th St., Chicago, IL




Pozen Family Center for Human Rights

Festival of Human Rights

1:00pm, Regenstein Library, Room 122

1100 E 57th St., Chicago, IL


FRIDAY, Jan. 18


Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Farouk Mustafa Memorial Friday Lecture

Joel Gordon, University of Arkansas

4:30pm, Stuart Hall, Room 101

5835 S Greenwood Ave., Chicago, IL



Empires and Atlantics Forum

Tatiana Sejas, Rutgers

12:00pm, Pick 105

5828 S. University Ave, Chicago, IL






Jan. 15


Chicago Council on Global Affairs

China’s Foreign Policy in the Xi Jinping Era

Cheng Li, Brookings Institution

5:30pm, Chicago Council on Global Affairs 

130 E Randolph St., Chicago, IL


Jan. 17


Buffett Institute

Savages, Romans, and Despots

Robert Launay



Chicago Council own Global Affairs

Pandemic Panic: Protecting and Interconnected World

Ron Klain, Revolution LLC

5:30pm, Chicago Council on Global Affairs

130 E Randolph St., Chicago, IL


Jan. 24


Southern Asia at Chicago

South Asia Seminar

James McHugh, University of Southern California

5:00pm, Foster Hall, Room 103

1130 E 59th St., Chicago, IL


Jan. 25


Seminary Co-Op

“Revolutionary Waves: The Crowd in Modern China"

Tie Xiao and Robert Bird

5:00pm, Seminary Co-Op

5751 S. Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, IL


Jan. 25


Slavery and Visual Culture Working Group

Coloring the Slave Trade Red: Cochineal, Cloth, and the Making of the Atlantic World

Emily Osborn

12:15pm, Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture Conference Room

5733 S University Ave.., Chicago, IL


Jan. 29


Katz Center for Mexican Studies

American Basque or the Indians from Tlaxcala

José M. Portillo Valdés

12:30pm, John Hope Franklin Room, SS 224

1129 E 59th St., Chicago, IL





CISSR Graduate Field Research Grants Application Available January 22nd


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Luis Martinez featured on “Story in the Public Square"

UChicago professor and CISSR Faculty Fellow Luis Martinez was recently featured on “Story in the Public Square.” During the interview, he discussed how publicly available satellite images can be analyzed as a means of collecting data and stories on repressive regimes globally. Watch more here...


“The Future of Democracy in South Asia"

UChicago faculty member Paul Stanisland was recently featured in Foreign Affairs. In his article, he discusses the near-crisis state of democracy within South Asian states and the necessity for vigilance in its defense. Read more here...


Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) 

Summer and Academic Year Fellowships


This fellowship program is currently accepting applications

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2018 Annual CISSR Conference - Keynote Address

"Honesty and Transparency are Not Enough"


During the 2018 CISSR Annual Conference, Keynote Speaker Andrew Gelman discussed  issues with replication in the social sciences as well as solutions for these problems within procedures, design and data collection, and analysis.

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