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Welcome to the second edition of MAIN STREET NEWSThis edition focuses on what is truly driving opposition to the Property Tax Independence Act

I’ll give you two hints: 1) It’s five letters long and 2) it’s defined as "an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth or power.

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Brian Fake

Administrator of Citizens to Protect Main Street PA
& Member of the PTCC – PA Taxpayers Cyber Coalition

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Just 19 cents of every dollar spent on education in PA makes it into the classroom.


You are told that school property taxes are for the children. The above fact – from a 2016 Budget Hearing – is proof that special interests and the politicians they control just want to continue to have unfettered access to your wallet. And if your wallet is empty they'll just tax you out of the home you live in. The stark reality is our current system of funding education in Pennsylvania is extremely outdated, unfair and crumbling.


Just Follow The Money  |  by Brian Fake


According to information from FollowTheMoney.org, Scott Wagner has received $9,823,583 in total contributions for 2018 (so far). Wagner himself is his own largest campaign donor at $6,807,441 or 69 percent of his own campaign.


For 2018, so far Tom Wolf has received $20,008,758 in total donations. Half of those donations – $10,027,585 – come from special interests that are opposed to the Property Tax Independence Act, HB & SB 76.


I appreciate the fact that Scott Wagner has made eliminating school taxes a key campaign issue. Tom Wolf, however, appears to have forgotten about eliminating school taxes. Arguably, Wolf really hasn’t said or done much about school taxes since visiting Pocono Mountain West Junior High in 2015 as part of his “Schools that Teach” tour. This is where Wolf was reported to have said ‘losing a home’ was a possible price to pay to support public education.

Decide for yourself what kind of influence the above amounts have over ‘prioritizing' campaign issues. Personally, I’ve decided that losing ones home because of ones inability to pay school taxes is a reprehensible and down right immoral thing to say. This makes my choice for Governor quite easy.


State education spending has grown by $2 billion since 2015, with nearly two-thirds of the money going toward school-employee retirement costs. Homeowners continue to pick up most of the tab. While Wolf wanted to increase the state's share of funding for school districts to 50 percent, the state contributed less than 37 percent in 2016-17, according to the most recent data available. So, the next time someone states that property tax increases are for the children let them know that, no, in fact they are not.


Theft by Taxation
by Jim Rodkey

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