This letter is a supplemental update. A regular letter will be sent at the end of October.


Election Day in Bolivia; Please Pray…

We are stuck at home today; unable to venture out due to national elections. On election days, everything shuts down and it is prohibited for people to have any sort of meeting where over 5 people gather. For three days there are prohibitions in place that restrict the movement of the people and many of their normal activities. To disobey these restrictions can result in pretty heavy fines.

We would like to ask you to pray for Bolivia right now. We do not take a position on National or Local Politics. However, the country is even more divided than the US over this particular election. There is a 2 term presidential limit according to the Bolivian constitution. However, the current president has been able to ensure that he is on the ballot for a possible 4th term. Due to this, there is a lot of uncertainty and unrest. In fact, many of the larger cities have called for Civil Disobedience should he win. This means there could be some interesting days in the near future. There has also been a run on dollars and the people are concerned that their economy will tank. Over the last 2 years there has been a lot of posturing, marching, fighting, and propaganda about this election and today could either be a day where things calm down or ratchet up. Time will tell.


But, in all of this God is in control and we are safe. The Lord has blessed what we are doing and we are grateful to be here. We know the Gospel is not dependent upon any form of government and trust that God is at work on a greater scale than we can even imagine. Today is a day of uncertainty where Bolivia is concerned, but the Gospel is certain and offers hope that this world cannot give. You can rest assured the same is true in the US as well.

We love you and are grateful for your support, interest, and concern for us in the work that the Lord is allowing us to do as we live in Bolivia.


Jeff & Sandra Price

Baptist International Outreach

Missionaries Serving in Bolivia, South America

Latin America Director

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