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In need for some entertainment? Whether you are in the mood for a good movie, a nice and relaxing reading, a dose of great music to cheer you up, or ready to dive into some of the greatest artists and museums Spain has to offer, we have you covered! And you don’t even need to move from your couch...  keep reading!


Hot off the press: “A Luminous Republic" by Andrés Barba

If you are running out of books after these #StayHome weeks, this is your chance to refill your home library with the just-launched English edition of Andrés Barba’s latest novel, A Luminous Republic.


“San Cristóbal was an unremarkable city – small, newly prosperous, contained by rain forest and river. But then the children arrived.

No one knew where they came from: thirty-two kids, seemingly born of the jungle, speaking an unknown language. At first they scavenged, stealing food and money and absconding to the trees. But their transgressions escalated to violence, and then the city's own children began defecting to join them. Facing complete collapse, municipal forces embark on a hunt to find the kids before the city falls into irreparable chaos.”


World Book Day: Contemporary Readings from Spain

On Thursday, April 23rd, we will celebrate our love for books with all of you. A selection of great Spanish authors, including Andrés Barba, will present their works and read a sample to you. Stay tuned to our social media for more info in the coming days…


The Cuesta de Moyano Book Market, a permanent book fair in Madrid established in 1925 with a line of wooden stalls. 


#MuseumFromHome: Discover El Greco


With the development of technology within museums, today we can #TBT to the fascinating Spanish Renaissance.

The rediscovery of El Greco, the most influential figure of this artistic period, was also crucial to the development of what we call “modern painting.” 

Twentieth-century American artists regarded him as a stimulating example of a personality shaped, like theirs, by several different cultures. 

For example, abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock considered El Greco as the most interesting old master. 

You can re-visit the Prado Museum’s 2014 retrospective, El Greco and Modern Painting, which related his painting to modern artists.


Since El Greco’s death, art historians have struggled with how and where to situate him. Was he a Byzantine icon painter transformed by the artistic revolution of the Italian Renaissance? A proto-Modernist? Was he Greek, Italian, or Spanish? What it is unquestionable is that, as Fray Hortensio Félix Pravicino wrote, it is when he settles down in Spain when El Greco was able to create a style of his own:

Creta le dio la vida y los pinceles;
Toledo, mejor patria, donde empieza
A lograr, con la muerte, eternidades.

Pravicino, a close friend of the artist, was an important theologian, orator, and poet. El Greco painted him in a portrait that now hangs in Boston's Museum of Fine Arts.


Want to learn more? 
If you want to learn more about #ElGrecoFromHome, we encourage you to visit The Art Institute of Chicagos virtual exhibition El Greco: Ambition and Defiance, where you can...

  • Take a video tour of the exhibition. 

  • Hear from the experts as they take you through highlights of this retrospective.

  • Read articles exploring themes from the exhibition. 

  • Learn about The Assumption of the Virgin, one of the most important paintings of El Greco’s career. This image-rich tool chronicles its origins, its journey to the museum, and its recent conservation. 

  • Trace the artist’s life from his birth and training in Crete to his artistic development in Italy to his successes and challenges in Spain.


Spanish Cinema Now+

Our first virtual film festival Spanish Cinema Now+ (SCN+) is kicking off this week-end! Journey to a Mother’s Room, by Celia Rico, is doing the honors on Saturday. Tickets are sold out but you can meet the director through this interview about her feature film debut.

If you are eager for some Spanish cinema, you can get your tickets for our next screening, Killing God:


Killing God

On Saturday, April 25 from 4 pm to 10 pm (UTC -04:00). Free, RSVP required.

By Caye Casas and Albert Pintó, 2017, 92 minutes. In Spanish with English subtitles.

“A dark, very dark comedy. Fun, hilarious. A personal and irreverent paella, with ‘chunks' from Buñuel, Valle-Inclán, and Álex De la Iglesia.”
 — Pablo Berger, SCN+ curator.


Watch the Killing God trailer with English subtitles:

 Killing God TRAILER eng sub. 

Our selection of music from España

Plato considered music to be the medicine for the soul, so do we! Science has long shown that music has beneficial effects on people's health. That is why it is so important for us to keep bringing you home the best Spanish music in these specially challenging times. 

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