As an Italian origin brand, the design power of Isvea is coming from its essence. The designs of Isvea differentiate by the style and quality they offer. When it comes to the collections that best describe Isvea's Italian design identity, they are the ones with unique, refined, strong characteristics.



Unique Color Palette

ColorIsvea opaque colors breathe new life into the bathrooms!

Opaque colors of colorIsvea that are created as a source of inspiration for professionals, encolor the bathrooms. The color palette, aiming to form unique and extraordinary bathrooms, draws attention with its sophisticated tones.



Refined Style

The design of Infinity Collection refers to minimal aesthetics through its pure lines and smooth shape. The possibility to combine different elements and the still-ongoing development of design that will make always new products arise, let us think to an endless process, where the Infinity name came from.



Strong Design Line

The Sott'Aqua Neo collection is inspired by the underwater life atmosphere, rich of movement but at the same time still silent, calm and peaceful. In this emotional world, that looks to fluids, flows and soft edges we developed a new concept of ceramics following a clearly modern shape.