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Afbeelding Scott Xtrails Vogezen


Bib number pick-up

You can collect your bib number at the hotel Wolf in Le Markstein, where the start and finish are.

Adress: Hôtel Wolf, Route des Crêtes, 68610 Le Markstein.
Check the race programme below to know when you can collect your bib number.

The start and the finish zone of the SCOTT Xtrails is in front of the hotel.

Are you looking for the participant list? Is your friend registered but he/she didn’t received this briefing? You can consult the bib numbers by clicking on this link.

Last-minute registration

Does one of your friends still want to register for the race? He or she can register through a “Last-Minute” registration! Bib number pick up and cash payment on site.

Last-Minute Registration

Start and Finish

The start and the finish zone of the SCOTT Xtrails is in front of the hotel.

Adress: Hôtel Wolf, Route des Crêtes, 68610 Le Markstein.


At this moment, the route des crêtes is closed until April 26th, 2019. It wil be open on April 27th, 2019. The road from Guebwiller or Kruth to Le Markstein is open.
Please, check the latest information about the road before you set off to Le Markstein. Be sure that the road you plan on taking, is open.

Medical Certificate

The organisation may refuse the starting right if you are not in possession of a valid or conform medical certificate. This is required since 1999, in accordance with French law, at races held on the French territory.

A medical certificate completed by a physician is valid for 1 year.

Click here to download the certificate and don’t forget to bring a copy of the certificate on the day of the race.


The parking space is at 500m from the race office, the start and the finish area. We ask you NOT to park your car in the street to/from the Hotel. The emergency services rely on this street. Make sure to arrive on time!
Please do not move the barriers at the parking. The barriers are there to secure the safety of the runners on the course.

Bag deposit

You can drop your sports bag at the “baggagedrop” nearby the race office. This service is free.

We only accept clothes in closed bags.

Important: You’ll need your bib number for this service. Without your bib number, it is not possible to retrieve your bag.


Friday April 26th, 2019
18.00 - 19.30: opening race office, pick up bib numbers + check obligatory equipment

Saturday April 27th, 2019
05.15 – 07.00: pick up bib numbers + check obligatory equipment
06.00: start 70km Trail du Grand Ballon
07.00: start 48km Trail du Grand Ballon
11.00 - 13.00: opening race office, pick up bib numbers + check obligatory equipment
11.00 - 12.55: pick up bib numbers + check obligatory equipment
13.00: start Markstein Sprinttrail 3km
14.00 - 16.00: pick up bib numbers + check obligatory equipment (also for the Trail du Grand Ballon)
16.00: start Markstein Trail 16km
19.00: closing event

Sunday April 28th, 2019
08.00 to 10.00: pick up bib numbers + check obligatory equipment
10.00: start 32km Trail du Grand Ballon
11.00 - 12.55: pick up bib numbers + check obligatory equipment
12.00: start 22km Trail du Grand Ballon
13.00: start 8km Trail du Grand Ballon
15.30: podium Trail du Grand Ballon and Xtrails competition distance
17.00: closing event

* To bring the Xtrails race to a higher level, it is our intention to centralize as much good runners as possibe in one strongly occupied contest. Therefore, the short and middle distance of this Xtrails are considered as finishers events where the experience is more important than the performance. Only podium and award ceremony are awarded to the competition distance 3/16/32km.


You can download the gpx-file on the website of the race.
The download is possible with the link on our website. A Trace de Trail account (for free) is required.

Aid Stations

You can consult the different locations of the aid stations on the event website by clicking on the course link, below “parcours". 

Saturday April 27th, 2019

Trail du Grand Ballon 48km: 3 aid stations + final aid station

Trail du Grand Ballon 70km: 3 aid stations + 1 water only aid station + final aid station

Sunday April 28th, 2019

Trail du Grand Ballon 8km: final aid station

Trail du Grand Ballon 22km: 1 aid station + final aid station

Trail du Grand Ballon 32km: 1 aid station+ 1 water only aid station + final aid station

We ask all participants to carry an ECO-Cup (cup, flask, bottle, mugto drink at the aid station. We don’t provide cups at the aid stations.

Time Limits

Please be aware of the time limits and the time barriers during the race. The organization will be strict on the time barriers at the different aid stations. You can consult the time barriers on our website.

When a participant does not reach the time limits, he/she will be DNF. This participant can not continue the race.


There are showers at the 'Auberge Steinlebach'. This is also the location where you can pick up your drop bag, cheer for other runners and relax with a cold beer.


There will be enough toilets available near the start. The organization provides toilets outside and indoors.


We strongly advice you to consult the mandatory equipment and the sanctions on our website before starting the race. The organization has the right to ask you to show some of the equipment or all the equipment needed. The organization has the right to do this during the race, after finishing the race or when picking up your bib number.
Please make sure your cell phone is 100% charged at the start of the race.

Important update:   Until 10/04/2019  the use of hiking/running poles and bib number holders / waistbands were prohibited by the FFA (Fédération Française d’Athléthisme) but this restriction has now been lifted. Poles and bib waistbands are allowed!

Live Results

You can follow the live results on our website by clicking on the “live results” link  published on the homepage of


Sportograf will be on site to take pictures of the race. You’ll find all of them on their website or by clicking on the icon next to your name in the results. 

Change your distance?

E-mails related to changing your distance for this race will be no longer treated and remain unanswered.

To change your distance, fill out and print the CHANGE DISTANCE FORM and bring it to the race office.

The bib numbers are personal and non-transferable. Under no circumstances, once the registration has been formalised, can they be transferred to another person. 

Next races

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