Mission International news and prayer letter:
"For you have forgotten the God of your salvation and have not remembered the Rock of your refuge; therefore, though you plant pleasant plants and sow the vine-branch of a stranger, though you make them grow on the day that you plant them, and make them blossom in the morning that you sow, yet the harvest will flee away in a day of grief and incurable pain”. Isaiah 17:10-11

A number of conversations recently have highlighted a difference between many people in developing countries and many of those in western developed countries, in their response to crisis.  The conversations came about as we talked with folks over the huge rise in church attendance in Haiti after multiple crises such as the 2010 earthquake, which killed up to 300,000 people and left 1 million homeless, and the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew which levelled 95% of communities in its path leaving more than 1000 dead and the country’s infrastructure ruined. I suppose I can only speak for Mission International’s church partners in the city Ouanaminthe where the church has grown significantly over the last few years, in particular since the January 2010 earthquake.

Western responses are many, however a strong voice is coming from those with an atheist and/or humanist world view.  “How can their be a God when this kind of thing happens”?, “What kind of God would allow such a thing”? James 2:5 comments - Listen, my beloved brothers, has not God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which he has promised to those who love him?

Our only hope in good times and troublesome times is to put our trust in the God of our salvation.  The brokenness of the world in which we live is as a result of our rejection of God; its a consequence, right from the beginning of time.   Its not the result of a petulant God who wants to beat people up for upsetting Him.   

It is wonderful to do good works, however doing good works can’t save us..the only way to know God’s salvation is to know the God of Salvation, who is Jesus Christ, He then will use us to fulfil His great purpose of reconciliation for our broken world.

May God reveal Himself to you in Jesus Christ, and may you respond to Him finding Salvation.
Hugh Henderson MBE
CEO Mission International

Mission Teams 2017:
A small team of volunteers will be travelling to Uganda in July/August to serve with churches there.  The team will be involved in outreach, in medical support and in project work.

A Mission Medics team of dental and nursing volunteers will travel to Burundi in September to support needy refugee returnees.  The tea will serve with Remaining Ministries our mission partners in Burundi.

Hugh Henderson plans to travel to India, Pakistan and Myanmar to support Mission International's local mission partners in those three countries.  Plans are underway to deliver leaders training seminars in India and Myanmar and to develop further project programmes in all three countries.
Haiti Project:
Now that the land purchase has been completed (which took a lot longer than anticipated) we are now in a position to clear the land and to begin the building process.   Here in the UK if we were to clear a site (and the Haiti Project site has a broken building which needs to be demolished and cleared before work can start we would hire a JCB or a wrecking ball; however in Haiti a sturdy lad with a sledge hammer prefers a similar task.   
Please pray for the project, since due to the current poor exchange rate between the £UK and $US, the planned budget for the project may be adversely affected.
Our teams continue to visit the Haiti Project to bring support and encouragement to the people on the ground.  We are grateful to those who give up of their time (usually their annual leave), their expertise and their money to serve in this way.
The Guild:
Mission International remains indebted to the Church of Scotland Guild who continue to raise the funding necessary to deliver this project.  MI speakers have travelled the length and breadth of Scotland and have been met and welcomed by so many wonderful people who work very hard at fundraising to make this project a success.   Thank you all for your service to the poor!

Ganre School: (Ghana)
The Ganre school building is nearing completion.  The  final traunch of funding has been acquired and  so the next  news we hear should be of its completion.   This school lies in a very remote area of  the Upper East region of Ghana.    The area is prone to flooding during the rainy season and so children who set off for distant schools can be prevented from returning home due to the flood waters.   Mission International was asked to provide a school in the village so that especially very young children could be educated closer to home.  Thank you to those who have supported this project throughout.
Raising Up Hope for Uganda
Mission International has been helping RUHU for some years now.   Recently Ruth Gilchrist, a Scottish school teacher, went out to spend time with the project.  It is a challenging place with so many needs in a deeply poor community.
The project is headed up by Patrick, once a street boy himself, who was offered the change to go to America, but refused so that he could continue to look after a group of street kids who looked to him for help.   As a result Patrick, after receiving some funding, is helping more and more needy children all the time.

The project is always in need of funding as it tries to help the many who have been forgotten by society…but not by God.  Please consider helping RUHU - you can donate online here: https://my.give.net/RUHU/Donate/GiftDetails

You can find out more about Ruth’s experiences in Uganda here: ruthatruhu.blogspot.co.uk
Migowi Skill Centre: (Malawi)
Although the building of this project is complete, there remains an issue of provision of water in the locality.   The local water source is no longer useable and so there is no local water near to the project.   The government have made it clear that the project cannot be used until a water source is put in place.   Please pray that funding (£5000) can be sourced to put a new water pump in place for the centre, which will also benefit the whole of the community.  Once this is done many young people will be training in skills which will benefit them and others.
Toowa School: (Uganda)
Toowa school lies in the hills above Lugazi in Uganda.  A recent visit there revealed a school of 400 children from an animistic community where families are in deep poverty.   The school is a wonderful support to the community endeavouring to bring a positive education to these needy children.   Currently all 400 children can gain access to their schooling for £1000-£1500 for the whole school year.   This an amazing opportunity, A further £1000 will provide food for them too.   Mission International is seeking to support those project and would be grateful to anyone who would like to contribute to these children’s education thus breaking this community out of generational poverty.
Please pray for us:
MI’s trustees meet regularly throughout the year.   We are face with making many challenging and life changing decisions as we seek to share Christ with others and support those in need.   Please pray for us that we know God’s leading as we meet, talk and decide on the way forward.   

Teams travel to remote and often challenging places where we seek to serve God and the people that we meet.   Please pray for our safety and that God would use us to His glory as we serve Him.

Office staff:
A small number of staff serve in our HQ offices in Scotland.   We are always in need of volunteers to help in all sorts of ways.   Currently we need an experienced fundraiser who is willing to give of his/her time to contact trusts and seek ways to find the funds we need to fulfil the plans we have to sere God in now 14 different countries.
Further office administration help is needed also as we grow.   Please consider ways that you can help, and pray that God brings the right people to us.

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