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Do we ever really have enough time?  I know for me, there often does not seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done, right?  School, Work, Fitness, Kids, Relationships, Volunteering…they all require our time and how to we juggle it all?  Some of us are better at juggling than others, and for the most part, we all make a valiant effort to keep all the balls in the air at the same time!  Prioritizing, making lists, or delegating are all ways to make our time more productive, but when it comes to skin care, YOU are the only one that can make time to take care of yourself!  




The appearance wrinkles are reduced by 75% after 28 days of home care (twice a day).




Featuring a new generation of plant-based stem cells and a synergy of ingredients that will combat the signs of aging.




New, innovative design of delivery!  TOUCH & SLIDE!  Gently Press, Slowly Slide & Collect Cream!

Yonka Alpha Vital Resurfacing facial and Creme for anti aging  

Yonka’s Time Resist Facial

Youth-Activating treatment for wrinkles & fatigued skin.  Targeted massage techniques to firm, tone and relax skin! 
Results : skin looks and feels supple & smooth, & wrinkle reduction is up to -75%!
Follow a course of 4 sessions that build on one another for a spectacular anti-aging action.
60 mins $95
90 mins $125

Skin Cure 

Once a week for 4 consecutive weeks 
Series of 4 $400 (Save $100!)
Product launch Special Offer
Act now and get a 20% discount when you buy the Day & Night Duo!
Time Resist  


During the day, your skin faces several aggressions.  It needs a cream, that can protect it, and make it more beautiful.  Time Resist day cream is enriched in plant-based stem cells and hyaluronic acid, to smooth and restore its bounce


At night, the skin’s metabolism is activated. Your cells are regenerating to restore functions to fight the damage built up during the day.  It is the best time for the skin to nourish, hydrate & replenish itself.  For a fresh feel, as soon as you wake up!

Time Resist how to use video!

Yonka Time Resist Video

Gentle Press, Slowly Glide, Collect Cream and Apply!

Prebook Mother’s Day Specials or Gift Certificates for May…Spa Packages
Specialty Foot Care Services
Diabetic Foot
Wash & inspect all aspects of your feet daily; checking the top, bottom and between the toes for pressure points or injuries to your feet and toes. Inspect inside your shoes for foreign objects.

Foot Care treatments $30-$70

Nail Care

Keep nails clean and free of debris with a mild soap and a gentle nail brush.  Have them trimmed straight across, about every 4 weeks.  

Nail Care treatments $10-$40

Skin Care

Wear comfortable shoes that “fit” your foot to prevent chaffing and build up of callus and corns. Apply specialty foot foam to decrease the build up of callus and reduce the exposure to corns.

Footlogix formulas 20%off

Ingrown Nail Care

Where shoes that have a wide toe box, so toes are not crowded.  Have nails trimmed straight across every 3-4 weeks. Apply nail brace to improve curvature of the nail to prevent Ingrown nails.

BSBrace $50

Are you ready for Spring?
Merben Dry Exfoliation Brushes are fabulous for body exfoliation, especially for those who have thicker skin or suffer from ingrown hair after hair removal.  The brushes are made from Jute, which is extracted from the bark of the Jute plant, and happens to be one of nature’s strongest vegetable fibres.  Bonus!  Dry brushes not only remove dead skin, they also stimulate circulation, help eliminate body toxins, and reduce the appearance of cellulite!
20% off any Dry Brush or Dry Mitt!

Niko Mineral Make-up  
Niko Mineral Make-Up
Bridal Season is upon us…book you bridal party now!

Niko is a complete line of high definition mineral make-up that is perfect for any skin type and for all ages.

Set up your free consultation today!

FREE Lipstick with purchase of Dual Pressed Powder $56 (reg $83)

I would like to make my newsletter more informative for you.  Tell me what do you want to know more about?   Do you have questions about your skin, nails, make-up?  What kind of specials or products are you looking for?  I look forward to hearing from you!

Keep In Touch Studio Aesthetics Gift Certificates Spa Packages
Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates are available for all occasions for any service and any denomination.
Please email me to pre-book your gift certificates so that I can have them ready for you.
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  Keep In Touch Studio Wendy Lynn Owens Owner
Testimonial helps me grow my business and I need your help!  Please send me a brief (or long) description on how you chose my studio, what services you liked and why you liked them, and what made you want to return to see me?  If you agree, I will only add your first name, last initial, your city and how long you’ve been a client on the post to my website. 
As a thank-you for your time and effort, I will offer you 20% off your next treatment!
Thank-you for your continued loyalty. 

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