Welcome to the October edition of the R2A newsletter. We’ve had a productive period since we last wrote including presenting at a fully booked Engineering Due Diligence Workshop in Brisbane. In the workshop, attendees are encouraged to raise real life issues and we had an interesting discussion on sustainability due diligence - a topic not often chosen. We have one workshop left for 2018 on 24 & 25 October in Melbourne. Hurry to secure your spot. More information is detailed below.

We also headed to Swinburne University for another special guest lecture on Project Due Diligence where, after a two-hour presentation, students returned later in the week to present their group assignment. The students always offer interesting insights, including on high profile infrastructure projects. 

Richard also presented at the recent Chemeca conference which is detailed below, along with a great read from Gaye on what the CBA Prudential Inquiry teaches us about organisation risk culture. We’ve also re-visited Five Questions You Should Ask Risk Management Consultant - something we originally wrote for BRW in 2011. 

We hope you enjoy the information we’ve compiled. If you’d like to discuss due diligence and risk management, we’d love to hear from you at risk@r2a.com.au or call 1300 772 333.


Why you should attend the Engineering Due Diligence Workshop


Do you need to demonstrate due diligence within a governance framework? Our Engineering Due Diligence Workshop teaches you how to deliver safe, effective and compliant due diligence using the engineering methodologies we use. Don’t miss our last workshop for 2018. 

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What the CBA Prudential Inquiry teaches us about organisation risk culture


R2A was recently commissioned to complete a desktop risk documentation review in the context of the CBA Prudential Inquiry of 2018.  The review has provided a framework for boards across all sectors to consider the strength of their risk culture.  

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Chemeca 2018


As mentioned in the introduction, Richard recently presented at the Chemeca conference in Queenstown on 2 October. The title of the presentation was Gas Pipelines and the changing face of Australian energy regulation.   The focus of the presentation was how to overcome the statutory deficiencies of the draft AS2885.6  Pipeline Safety Management. Simply put, the answer is to demonstrate SFAIRP first and ALARP second, as shown above. 

The ideas behind the presentation have been considered at some length in a previous R2A blog. 

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5 Questions to Ask a Risk Management Consultant


This advice originally appeared in BRW in August 2011, but we believe it is just as relevant today as back then.

  1. What is your area of risk management expertise - organisational, safety, environmental, engineering, project or financial?

  2. Is your risk management process defensible i.e. will it survive post event legal scrutiny?

  3. Demonstrate how your risk management process ensures ‘buy-in’ from all stakeholders.

  4. Are you bound by a code of ethics and, if necessary, will you sign a confidentiality agreement?

  5. Does your proposal include tasks to be completed, time frames and indicative fees?
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