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A Word:

“The purpose of a goal is not to reach the goal, its who you become in the process by giving it everything you currently have”…adapted from a Jim Rohn quote.

I missed the last newsletter.  Of course I could make a lot of excuses and explain why life is busy.  Life is busy for all of us, yet we still want the (endurance) outcomes.  The challenge is not signing up for an event, it is about consistently finding the time to train, effectively, for the event we have in mind.  That is why the event you choose, the adventure you seek needs to spark something deep inside you.  Not for the outcome, but for the process of training:  feeling alive, connected, vibrant on a daily basis.  Motivation always fades. Health clubs and Gyms around the world have capitalized on this. Instead, we want to ensure that what our challenge is inspires us, comes with a sense of curiosity, an uncertainty of success, and a growth component to achieve a new normal for you - a better version of you.  Why else sacrifice time, money, and other experiences if not for growth, being a better version of you come the event/adventure?  

That is what ultra endurance delivers:  a new normal, a new, better version of you, one that contributes to all other aspects of you:  personal and professional life.  The satisfaction of achieving this version makes the outcome of the event a success regardless of the placing, time, finish line.  

The pictures in this newsletter capture this sense of purpose towards growth: Some pictures of the Qatar Quest we are putting together.  It inspires a shared vision to train, be prepared for the adventure. It challenges the typical training process because of its unusual format in difficulty and location. It enables others to act: to create their own endurance adventures and experiences.  It encourages the heart in service of others as well as for those participating: lifelong friendships.  And finally, we look to model the way for others - to live a life of health, fitness and being the authors of their lives, not just readers of the story.  

Write your own story, be the author of your life story.    


AIMP & Weekly Word Podcast Updates: The Qatar Quest

Qatar Quest:  as many of you have heard, in November a few of us will be taking on an adventure in Qatar.  A reverse Ultraman format that we came up with, it captures everything that my coaching and the mission of AIMP stands for:  bringing out the best current athletic version of ourselves.  We will be immersed in the community, explore a different culture, experience nature in an unfamiliar environment, we will be of service to others (Childrens Hospital) and we will have the opportunity to display our endurance & fitness.  

It will be a supported event, but still quite rustic.  Only water every 10km of the 90km desert run across the peninsula of Qatar.  Our gear and bikes will be transported to Camp Day 1, where we will recover, fuel and prep for Day 2: 146 miles of cycling.  The country is quite flat, but headwinds, sand and heat will add plenty to the degree of difficulty.  Similar Camp on Day 2, and then the final day:  60 mile bike back to Doha where we started, and then a 9km swim to close out the Quest.  

Besides Rich, Hichame and I, we have 3 women and 5 men on the list of potential participants.  We expect approximately 16-18 participants.  This is a self curated adventure, so logistics, camaraderie and safety are all key.  Similar fitness and skill level is important for that safety and logistics.  The camaraderie allows for the memorable and shared experience to be one of growth, interest, learning and friendship.  Especially as we work with disabled children on each day of the Quest.   

Most of the trip and adventure will be documented with video footage, live updates and athlete communication.  The intent is for those not in Qatar to feel like they were a part of this journey (and suffering).  

Where do I see the challenge?  Daylight is limited to just under 11 hrs and running 90km in the desert with quite rocky footing.  Cycling 146 miles into a strong headwind in that time window on heavily fatigued and stressed legs.  Swimming 3-5 hrs on a body that is fatigued from 2.5 long days, the cramping along with it.

Truly an adventure. Truly an experience. Truly a challenge to train for. Truly an once in a lifetime experience & opportunity.  


Quote that resonates or captures our curiosity in the ultra endurance adventure…

…"Life is not just the passing of time.  Life is the collection of experiences and their intensity”… Jim Rohn


AIMP Workout of the week

Swim, Bike, Run, Long run, Strength, Core, CrossTrain. Even different sports:  Hike, climb, row, ruck.

Many of my runners and triathletes know I like to incorporate bounding into our running - either via drills or in the warm up for a longer run.  Bounding is something I saw the Raelert Brothers do many years ago in Lanzarote, and since then I not only have noticed the strength they create in my own running but they have also helped activate/fire my calves, my ankles and Achilles.  Of course bounding is nothing new to running, but how to incorporate them is key. Here is one workout type of bounding I prescribe:

15 min starting faster than you want.
10 min back off a bit, stay true to form - focus on technique 
NOW in the middle of this run, bound from foot to foot for about 50 yrds: try to maximize your air time, minimize the time your foot spend on the ground - push hard and fast with the contact foot. Focus is cover more distance with these bounds than you normally would running with normal strides. 6x today.
10 min good run again - light on feet - connected to the entire running chain 
10 min fast again.
5 min cool.

These bounds only add up to about 10 minutes worth of the drill - this one being on grass or a field.  They can also be done uphill, as this video shows. You can see why they are good for strength, push off and generating power through the running chain (chain = everything connected to running motion, form: feet to shoulders).  The advanced version of this is single leg bounding.  I would highly recommend on a grassy knoll/hill, doing 4-6 per leg, nothing more. Progress over time to 15x per leg.  I will often have runners bound first on a good surface (grass) - and then finish with a few single leg bounds as well.  Keep these outcomes in mind when bounding:

  • exaggerated vertical motion
  • good driving form with arms and leading with the knees
  • maximize air time - especially with both feet in good posture in air
  • push off hard and fast with contact foot
  • always maintain form and visualizing outstanding technique


Nutrition by Wise Wellness

It’s officially spring here in the US and allergies are in full force for many athletes.  I know here in the Bay Area, it is one of the worst allergies seasons in recent years. This means gorgeous rides, fragrant trail runs and warm swims can leave us bogged down with congestion, watery and itchy eyes and endless sneezing!   If you suffer from seasonal allergies, below are some natural approaches to combating them this time of year.  


  • Increase foods that REDUCE mucus such as:  garlic, onions, watercress, horseradish, mustard, parsley, celery, pickles and lemons. Think astringent foods. A good arugula salad with watermelon radish and a lemon, garlic, and olive oil dressing! 
  • Decrease foods that INCREASE mucus such as:  dairy, peanuts, oranges, bananas, sugar, saturated fats, and wheat. Dairy is a huge contributor to mucus production.
  • Drink Nettle Tea 1-2 times per day to help ease the symptoms. Nettles have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Eat foods rich in Vitamin C such as: red & yellow peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, lemon, papaya, and strawberries
  • Eat probiotic foods such as: miso, kimchi, kefir, and plain whole milk or coconut yogurt

Neti Pot:  I highly recommend using the Neti pot following rides, runs and swim sessions to get the pollen out of the nasal passages. This is quite effective for most people and, can often be enough.  Ceramic is a good choice. Be sure to follow the directions and use the appropriate salt/baking soda mixture.

Supplements: HistaEze is an amazing, natural, allergy support formula that addresses the cause of allergies as well as inhibits the release of histamine.  It’s ingredients include quercetin, nettle extract and Vitamin C, which all of have antihistamine effects.  HistEze also contains Tinofend, which is derived from the plant Tinospora cordifolia, and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine since the early 1900s. Tinofend is unique in that it increases the number of phagocytic white blood cells, including macrophages, which help consume and rid the body of allergens.   It also reduces the number of cells that contain histamine. (Designs for Health) 

In addition, a good probiotic can help balance the GI system and reduce the severity of the symptoms.  I like Probiotic Supreme or Probiotic Synergy for healthy day to day gut function. 

Meal suggestion: Brown rice tossed with Parsley Lemon Pesto over a bed of arugula. Top with chopped radishes, sprouts,and a poached egg, sautéed tofu or salmon! 


Another cool race idea...or adventure…or expedition...

Three Peaks Yacht Race: The fact that you can create any endurance adventure, race, expedition is what I love about coaching in the ultra endurance space.  Here you have athletes that decided many years ago to combine sailing off shore with endurance mountain running!  Of course it makes sense: I grew up sailing and often looked at the beautiful coastal cliffs and mountains in awe: not necessarily to run up, but the majestic beauty in a remote location that could only be accessed by boat.  Check out the photos, videos and sense of adventure. They also offer a similar race in Tasmania, Australia.  Spectacular!  Notice they have also added mountain biking into the format as well…a different type of triathlon. 

By the way: Please share your cool race ideas and adventures.  Some of the races listed here have since been quite popular with athletes as we get to share some of the most wonderful & unique events around the globe amongst our small knit community.  I have 4 athletes racing the Laugavegupinn Marathon mentioned in Newsletter October 2018!

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