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R2A Practice Update: August 2018
Welcome to the August addition of the R2A newsletter. Over the next couple of months we have some interesting things on. Richard is presenting at the Chemeca conference in New Zealand in October, Gaye is continuing her work with the Powerline Bushfire Safety Committee, and we have again been invited to present on Project Due Diligence at Swinburne.

In a practice update, Tim left R2A at the end of June and has started a new position as Senior Consultant for Indec. He is currently working as a System Safety Engineer on the High Capacity Metro Train Project. We wish him all the best in his new role.

Below we have two new articles; one by Richard on the release of the Energy Safety Report and the other by Gaye on Managing Critical Risk Issues. We also have Chapter 1 of our book Engineering Due Diligence available as a free PDF download for those interested in previewing the content before purchase. 

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts on our content. If we can assist with your diligent decision making, call us on 1300 772 333, email us risk@r2a.com.au, or check out our updated website.

Richard, Gaye & Team


Energy Safety Report Released
The Final Report and Government Response – Review of Victoria’s Electricity and Gas Network Safety Framework has been released and R2A is quoted a number of times in the report. In his latest article, Richard details his thoughts on the findings.



Managing Critical Risk Issues
In the opening hearings of the 2016 Dreamworld Thunder River Rapids ride tragedy, managing critical risk issues has been a talking point. In this article, Gaye discusses the paradigm shift from hazard to precaution based risk assessment.



Our Brisbane Due Diligence workshop (delivered in partnership with EEA) is booked out. If you want to attend our last session for 2018, don’t miss our Melbourne course on 24 & 25 October.



Unsure if Engineering Due Diligence is the right resource for you? We’re now giving people the opportunity to preview the content. Simply fill in a few details, and you’ll receive a link to download Chapter 1 for free.

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