Oika promotes the ecological restoration of people
the places we belong to  


The Oika Academy is establishing new ecological education, restoration and professional development programs in Maine.  With the SV Oika as our platform and home, we are delivering a special introductory presentation called The Oika First Encounter. We would like to explore bringing one to your venue. 


The Oika First Encounter

The First Encounter Tour is a 503(c)3 fiscally sponsored educational project of the Good Work Institute. All public talks are offered to hosting venues free of charge (but venues are permitted to sell tickets for nonprofit, educational fundraising purposes).


About Oika

Oika is a science-based, cultural movement to re-establish nature and ecological intelligence into daily human experience.

The word Oika is derived from the Ancient Greek word Oikos, which is also the root of the term "eco" (as in ecology and economy). 

These two concepts, ecology and economy, have become separated.  Today, economic wealth is usually gained at the expense of ecological integrity. This is flawed thinking, rooted in a myth of separation, that has led us to the ongoing tragedy of discontent.

Oika aims to re-establish the concept of "eco" back to its original, integral meaning. The programs of Oika bring ecological wellbeing and economic prosperity back into balance and their original, mutually-enhancing state.  We believe ecological intelligence is the only way for humanity to maintain long-term viability. 

Oika approaches this lofty goal from the bottom up. We start at the level of personal thought first, with the optimistic hope that ecological intelligence will self-propagate to culture.


Oika seeks to build placed-based
communities of ecological intelligence.


About Dr. Rich Blundell

Oika was founded by the geologist Dr. Rich Blundell.  Rich's commitment to Oika began in 1986, off the tip of Cape Cod on the deck of a commercial fishing boat when he had landed an 800-pound bluefin tuna. Just before dying, that fish somehow communicated a different path in life for Rich (see video, below). The experience triggered an epiphany and launched Rich on a lifelong global quest to understand how such a communication could happen. This life’s work eventually exposed Rich to all of natural sciences through a B.Sc. in geology and ecology, an Ed.M. in the philosophy of science, and a Ph.D. in cosmic evolution with an emphasis on transformative experience.

 An Earth Story 
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