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You’ll have some choices this November. Choices that will challenge you to rise above the usual noise of petty party politics to focus on one thing and one thing only – the elimination of school property taxes. A tax that is inhibiting entrepreneurial investment and shattering small business dreams in Pennsylvania. A tax that is making the dream of home ownership for young Pennsylvanians unattainable. A tax that has turned the American Dream in to a nightmare for many older Pennsylvanians. A tax that has the ability to make many blind to the instability of leaving 10,000 people homeless annually while calling the tax ‘stable’. A tax that, ultimately, revokes your right to acquire, possess and protect property – no matter your political party persuasion.

This years election in Pennsylvania is an extremely crucial one for the Property Tax Independence Act. To be blunt, who you choose as Governor, House Representative or Senator will unequivocally make or break the school property tax elimination movement. Your choice will have repercussions for generations.

“The political parties are there to distract us from our systems of government; instead of focusing on the system, we focus on political parties to vote for." – Haroutioun Bochnakian

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Taking things out of context has become the norm in today's ‘gotcha’ political landscape. Take for instance this video doozy currently be circulated by the Wolf campaign. It’s clearly tailored to older Pennsylvanians – a huge voting bloc that Wolf would love to use to help him get re-elected. Use being the key word.

Wagner set the record straight during a campaign stop in Johnstown, Pennsylvania where he emphatically stated, “I have no intention of taxing seniors.”


The annual report of survey results by the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials (PASBO) and the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators (PASA) was released in June of this year.  The following is garnered from this report:

• Education funding increased by $2 billion between 2012-13 and 2016-17.

• Employee pension expenditures increased $2.04 billion between 2012-13 to 2016-17.

• Employee benefit costs are the number one driving force behind school district financial conditions.


The Wolf campaign would love you to believe that increases to finance education are ‘for the children’. The reality? Homeowners pay an ever increasing portion to finance education – yet, 'the children’ are still getting the leftover scraps. Homeowners can no longer bear the brunt of these costs alone. The Property Tax Independence Act will fairly spread the load of financing education to a much larger ‘pool’ of people.


Our VOTERS GUIDE is still a work in progress. As a reminder, in Pennsylvania you will be voting for Governor, all House Representatives and Senators only in even numbered Districts.

You can help complete the GUIDE! If you know of a PRO-76 candidate not in the GUIDE please send an email to me with the candidate name along with the district and office the candidate is seeking.


Is Scott Wagner serious about
School Property Tax Elimination?

by Jim Rodkey

Yes. Read On...
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