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For almost four decades the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemét has created an inspirational meeting place for creative artists from all corners of the world. In the latter part of the 20th century the studio became a catalyst for a re-birth of modern Hungarian ceramics.

János Probstner, the studio’s founder, created in Kecskemét, a centre of international exchange, allowing artists to work alongside others from a variety of rich and culturally diverse backgrounds as well as local arts professionals and students. 

While over the years there have been many changes, political, practical and philosophical, the studio is now entering its 40th year welcoming artists, teachers and students to participate in our programs. Artists who wish to concentrate on their work in a creative and mutually supportive environment where new and imaginative ideas can be explored and realised. The luxury of time and the studio atmosphere allows for intense periods of creativity free from the distractions of everyday pressures. The value of working within a different culture, alongside other experienced professional artists cannot be underestimated. 

The Contemporary Ceramics Collection, now grown into a major collection in European and international ceramics, is an important historial document of the first 40 years of the studio’s existence, now containing around 4000 pieces of ceramic art from over 500 artists from 45 countries. The uniqueness of this collection is all the pieces were created in the Studio, donated by invited and participating artists wishing to enrich this cultural archive of world ceramic art.

Aberystwyth International Ceramics Festival 
We are delighted to announce a new biennial award in conjunction with the International Ceramics Festival held every two years at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales. The award of a month long residency is open to all ceramic practitioners including mid-career and late adopters of ceramics. The winner of the award will be announced during the festival, 30 June - 2 July, 2017.
Deadline is 30 April, 2017 and application forms can be downloaded from our website here . . .
To celebrate our 40th anniversary there are several exhibitions to spotlight works from the collection, new works by Hungarian artists and memorial shows organised in Kápolna Gallery Kecskemét, Museion Budapest and various receiving venues in Hungary and abroad. Information on more forthcoming exhibitions will follow in the next newsletters.
Museion Budapest
an exhibition of sculptural works
9 February - 3 March, 2017
The first of a series of themed exhibitions from the collection. Selected works showing the sculptural and expressive qualities of clay.

Future exhibitions this year will feature Figurative works, Raku and Functional works from the collection.
Kis Kápolna, Kecskemét
16 February - 3 March, 2017
Akio Takamori was a past resident artist at the International Ceramic Studio and donated for the collection a wonderful series of Japanese children in heroic poses influenced by the communist sculptures in Budapest. He is one of the most respected figurative ceramic artists and he will be greatly missed by our clay community. 

Akio Takamori passed away peacefully at his home with his family on January 11th, 2017. 
Kápolna Gallery, Kecskemét
10 - 24 March, 2017

Between the years 2002 and 2013 the Sound of Clay international ceramic symposium was organised in the International Ceramics Studio for artists interested in making clay musical instruments. These events have always been so colourful because of the participating international artists.

From the beginning the symposium was led by Mariann Bán, Ferenczy Noémi Prize winning Hungarian ceramic artist, who specialised in creating ceramic whistles. Mariann’s work was uniquely whimsical reflecting her character in every way.

Over the years a close professional and friendly connection developed between the symposium participants and the Leskowsky Musical Instrument Collection. This was consolidated by Mariann Bán’s donation of more than 200 folk whistles from her private collection to the Kecskemét Leskowsky Musical Instrument Foundation.

This exhibition celebrates the work of Ban Mariann and the Sound of Clay symposiums, showing selected pieces from the Studio and the Leskowsky Collection.

Vigado Gallery, Budapest
17 August - 8 October, 2017

This exhibition from the studio’s collection will be a major part of our celebrations and will document the the four decades of the studio’s work - from the early works of the 'Nomadic Generation' to the new directions in contemporary ceramic art.  The work in this exhibition has been selected to give a taste of the richness of this collection of world importance.


20 - 27 April, 2017
with Markus Böhm (Germany)
"This workshop is suitable for all of you who would like to develop a deeper understanding of glazes so that you are able to develop those glazes that you want with a reasonable effort and to fire it successfully. It will be the second edition of my glaze seminars for the ICS Hungary.
6 - 11 July, 2017
with Ilona Romule (Latvia)
Lithophanes are made of fine sheets of translucent white porcelain with a decorative motif etched in negative, usually views of famous cities, landscapes, historical events, indoor family scenes or children subject matters. When lit from behind, these sheets show the scene in positive, creating a three-dimensional effect. Ilona is one of the few artists making 3D lithophane objects.
11 - 21 July, 2017
wih Frederick Olsen (USA)
Over the years the studio has had seven kilns designed and built by Fred Olsen. To celebrate this friendship between the studio and Olsen he will be leading a special mastercourse to make work and fire all three of the Olsen kilns we have here. This is a unique opportunity to experience firing the glaze kiln, the salt kiln and one of his latest kiln designs - the Super E.
with Ilona Romule
This is a series of three one week masterclasses covering the major elements in the creation of porcelain slip cast objects. It is possible to take just one of the courses or all of them. If you book for two or more of these courses then the participation fee will be discounted.
Model and Mouldmaking
13 - 18 July, 2017
During this 6 day workshop, Ilona Romule will demonstrate her step-by-step approach to design, model and mould making, describing how she transfers factory technology to a studio environment to create her unique porcelain works. Participants will learn the process of design, creating the original model from plaster and making the moulds ready for slip casting.
Slip Casting and Assembly
20 - 25 July, 2017
During this 6 day workshop, Ilona Romule will demonstrate her way of slip casting in high quality, translucent porcelain and constructing her pieces from cast and assembled parts. There will be a possibility to fire one high fire porcelain kiln with some of the finished works in at the end of the course. Participants can be provided with moulds to cast from - or if you were part of the week 1 course then you will use your own moulds.
China Painting
27 July - 1 August, 2017
Ilona has received international recognition with her slip cast porcelain figures and is reknowned for her use of semi-erotic imagery both in the form of her fine porcelain pieces and also in the surface decoration. She uses a variety of onglaze enamel techniques which she will be demonstrating during this Masterclass. White, glazed, porcelain "blank" pieces will be supplied for the participants to paint.
18 - 22 September, 2017
with Simon Zsolt József (Hungary)
The purpose of the workshop is to understand and utilize the opportunities for shaping forms inherent in molding errors. We will learn how to prepare a multi-part plaster molding form, which allows us to shape the internal and external forms of the final object.
3 - 28 September, 2017

The theme for the 2017 Triennial is "BALANCE”. The organisers expect artists to use the given theme with complete freedom and innovation. The works must be in clay, concrete, porcelain or glass and artists are free to choose the technical methods and approach to the given theme. The objects must be original works and not previously prizewinning works in any international competition. The aims of the triennial are to stimulate both fine and applied artists to create works which give scope to the industrial and artistic application of new materials and technologies, encouraging the widening of directions in 21st century silicate arts.

Organised by the Foundation for Contemporary Ceramic Arts, the 4th International Triennial will again include an international competition, an exhibition and an international ceramics symposium. The venue for the Triennial is the Kecskemét Cultural and Conference Centre, 80 kilometres south of the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

Deadline for applications is 30 May, 2017.

Read more on the Triennial website . . .

Ceramics Ireland Award
Dublin based ceramist Sinead Glynn was awarded the Ceramics Ireland Residency Award at the Festival in Thomastown. Sinead will be artist in residence here in Kecskemét in 2017. We would like to thank all the artists who applied for their time and the award will again be offered in 2018.
Picture at an exhibition
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