Time to spring clean your performance data?                

Now spring is here (maybe) and we’re at the cusp of the financial year you might be thinking about evaluating your impact and reporting on it. I seem to have done nothing but live & breathe evaluations and impact explorations, presentations, calculations etc since Christmas – and I can’t quite believe we’ve hit Easter already. So if your data (or your lack of data) is scaring you and you don’t know what to do next please just get in touch – this stuff has become my life and I can help 😊
What's been going on?
I’ve been evaluating at all ends of the spectrum for my clients – carrying out light touch, desktop reviews of data as well as carrying out much more in-depth data collection and analysis. 

Since Christmas I’ve enjoyed working with Gaiacene on our corporate contracts, the Centre for Leadership Performance, Forth Engineering, West Cumbria Carers, the World Health Innovation Summit, Calderwood House, Soundwave, Rosehill Theatre, Always Another Way… and others (breathe!).

I’ve covered specific topics including youth activism, LGBT support services, future workforce & skills shortages, homelessness and many others as well as contributing to overarching social impact strategies for business. 

I’ve also been challenged to run some context & training sessions on all things social impact & social value related which I’ve really enjoyed. I’ve run these sessions for open groups like the  Cumbria Social Enterprise Partnership as well as delivering more focussed & targeted sessions for single Trustee Boards so if you’re interested do just let me know. 

What next?
I am happy to say I’ve got lots of new and interesting pieces of work lined up for the run in to Summer so continued thanks to everyone for supporting LynchPin. 

Whether you’ve worked with me before or are a potential new client please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free and informal discussion about your performance and reporting requirements!


April 2018

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