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Max Jet Ink Jet Printer Web Cleaner
US PAT NO. 5,980,646

 Internal cyclone separator Equals UPTIME!

Cyclone Separator Operation

MTE’s Cyclone separators operate by incorporating centrifugal, gravitational, and inertial forces to remove fine particles suspended in air.  Our separator uses cyclonic action to separate paper particulates from the air stream. Paper Dust enters the cyclone separator at an angle (perpendicular to the flow stream, tangentially, or from the side), and is then spun rapidly. A centrifugal force is created by the circular airflow that throws the particulate towards the wall of the cyclone. Once the Dust hits the wall, it falls into our hopper below for easy removal.  The results are high performance all the time over time.

MaxJet        Zero vacuum drop (we get it all!)

The Stand alone MaxJet InkJet web cleaners vacuum manifolds top and bottom, make contact with the web, not a clam shell non contact as seen in other web cleaners that only gets the lose dust for a short period of time.  

MaxJet system was born from the hi-speed offset press world where performance is mandatory and has to be field proven day after day & year after year. That’s why we use a cyclone separator within our device so there is zero drop in vacuum over time, you get full time superior web cleaning performance, up to 3000 FPM.  With the Max Jet web cleaner you’re assured Maximum Uptime, Superior print quality & Maximum Print - Head life for full time superior performance.

Inferior web cleaners use a direct pull filter system
The use of a direct pull paper dust filter to create vacuum for 
a web cleaner equals a severe drop in vacuum over a very short
period of time, which leads to system failure and Printer downtime.

Others heavy filter changes required to keep adequate vacuum levels leads to obsolescence and ultimately a disconnection of other inferior web cleaners.

The image on the right shows a typical web cleaners vacuum fan in a box, a filter is placed over the fan, then as dust accumulates on the filter within in days, the vacuum drops drastically, then stops completely. This equals non performance and a wasted purchase.

With the MaxJet, paper dust capture performance is
 consistent & reliable, Guaranteed.  MAXJET  Maximizes your InkJet Printer Investment.
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