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“Life transformed by the Gospel”!
“…He that winneth souls is wise”! Proverbs 11:30
This is part of a quote from the ‘Book of Wisdom’ the Book of Proverbs in the Old Testament of the Bible.  The language I have used is what I learned as a child in church, for me it is more easily remembered in this format, however more contemporary options are available.   We have been learning at our home church that this book was written as from a father to his son.   Maybe you remember that talk your father gave to you before you spread your wings into the big wide world.
Nowadays perhaps this kind of thing happens less that it did.  Tom Sawyer author Mark Twain said 

“When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”

Perhaps the Book of Wisdom would have benefitted Twain then as it has done for so many over the generations since it was written.
We would do well to take heed of the words of the Book of Wisdom, and of the teachings to be found throughout all of the scriptures.
Winning Souls, bringing people to know Christ as He is revealed in the Scriptures, is a very wise endeavour.   May we all find many opportunities to be wise in this way.


Myanmar Mission Team:
A team of three visited Myanmar during March to bring training to leaders from across the country, but predominantly from Chin State.  30 Pastors were invited, however some 60 pastors, church leaders, Sunday school teachers and others arrived to benefit from the ministry of Mission International volunteers, Pastor Mark Ralston and Callum Brown of Hope United Church and Hugh Henderson Director of Mission International. The training was well received by the gathered believers, many of whom have no formal training at all.  



Pastor Thaing’s water project:
About six months ago Mission International received a request from Pastor Thaing.  He asked if there was a grant of £200 for him to install a water project at his home.  Thaing had left his job (with the government water board) to follow God’s leading to become a pastor.  His steady income was gone and his hopes of a secure future for his family with it.  To cut a long story short, thanks to MI donors, the £200 was provided and a water supply was installed on his property.  Now Thaing has established an income generating project, producing high value mushrooms for sale in local shops.


Mobile Phones & Technology:
In rural Myanmar, where many of the pastors who attended the training come from there is great difficulty in acquiring modern technology.  The cost of a good mobile or smartphone is beyond the budget of most, even a second hand one.  There are great benefits of having such a phone as getting in touch with emergency services or communication with other pastors and families in out lying areas proves a challenge.  Thank you to those who have donated their used phone or other technology like tablet computers, digital cameras and the like.  The recipients were very grateful indeed.

Students seeking sponsorship!
Any help you can give will benefit these students greatly!
Khin Maung (Student)
Chin is 24 years old and is studying for his Batchelor of Theology at Eastern Bible School in Myanmar.  This is a 4 year course of study requiring a total cost of £750 (£190/year approximately) He has committed to find the first £40/year and so will need to find £150/year. He will complete his studies in September 2022.


Pho Zoe (Student)
Pho is studying a two year Master of Divinity course at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary. To finish his course Pho needs £350, £50 of which he will raise locally in Myanmar and so he requires £300 to complete his studies in September 2019.


Give.net for on-line donations
To support the work of Mission International please use our Give.net link here 

More on-line and other giving options in all currencies can be found here: 
Please pray for us:
Thank God for a safe and successful trip to Myanmar. We thank God that He is with us as we travel and as we serve Him around the world.
Pray for Pastor Tun Lin (MI Partner in Myanmar) and wife and his family as they selflessly serve God in a predominantly Buddhist nation.  
Pray for Pastor Thaing, who has left all to serve God, that provision for his family is forthcoming and that his mushroom project works well too.
Mission International has teams going to Haiti in May, Burundi in June and September. Please pray that the Lord helps us to achieve all that He has purposed for us there.
Please pray for MI partners around the world.  These brethren live in difficult circumstances, some financially poor, some threatened due to their faith others battle spiritual and physical battles of many kinds.  Please remember them before the Lord.
Please pray for Iain Craig who, from 1st May 2019, will take on more administration hours in the MI office.   Iain has been a great help in the work we do, however his hours have been limited, we hope that he will manage to squeeze all that needs to be done into his new increased schedule.
Please pray for God’s provision in every area of the work.   Work abroad, projects, teams and mission adventures as well as work at home, which often forgotten, however if we are not able to maintain the home base then all of the other areas of our work are at risk.
More from Myanmar:




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