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The poor, the oppressed the widow and the fatherless!
Isaiah 10: 1-3 "Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless.   What will you do on the day of reckoning, when disaster comes from afar? To whom will you run for help?  Where will you leave your riches?
For those of us living in a first world environment the reality of poverty, oppression and loss may not be as commonplace as it is in the developing world.  For us there is the National Health Service, the rule of law, and financial cover in terms of pensions and the like.   This relatively secure lifestyle is much less in vogue for most of the world’s population.  Hunger and loss are everyday dangers and realities for so many.

There are times when I am sure some feel that charities like Mission International continually and incessantly harp on about the needs of developing world communities.  Well, although we hope that our appeals for support are not ‘harping’ we make no apology for asking for help as we seek to find means to bring the needy some respite and the hope for a brighter future.

Just recently, during February 2016, Richard Woods (our chairman of trustees) and I visited the remote Burundian village of Nyembuye.  Here a community mostly made up of refugee returnees is eking out a living amongst the hills and slopes of the highlands of the country.   Some years ago we were approached by our partners in Burundi to provide a water supply for the community and for a newly built medial centre which had been provided for the community.  The £15,000 was duly raised and the mountain spring, some 1.5 kilometres away, was piped to the clinic and the community.  The people were delighted that now water, clean, pure mountain spring water has come to them.  During our visit this time however it is clear that there is more that can be done.  There appears to be too much water.  The tanks are overflowing and a veritable small river of fresh clean water is flowing away down the hillside.  Our next step is to try to find the funds to divert some of the water to a nearby school and the remainder to a village community about 0.5km further round the hillside.

This remote community, once forgotten, is now burgeoning into life due to a water supply.  Crops are growing, homes are being built, medical practices are more effective, all due to water, clean water.

Yes of course we ask for help, we need your support to be able to do more, more of our core activities such as preaching the Good News, supporting churches in discipleship and leadership and developing projects for those in need via micro-loans, sponsoring needy children, developing schools and medical centres and of course making sure that there are many more communities who have clean safe water to drink.

Thank you for all you have done so far, I can’t tell you how much it is appreciated by those who benefit from your giving.  However we do need more.   Please prayerfully consider if you can help us further.
Hugh Henderson MBE
CEO Mission International



A November wedding!
In 1995 Hugh Henderson with others rescued a boy who had been knocked down by a true and left for dead.  The boy, now a grown man, Nelson Kabanda, married Florence in November.  This lad was sponsored and has now become a high flyer in the business world working as a senior accountant for a large multi-national company in Kampala.


Burundi February 2016
There has been a lot of negative press about Burundi in recent months, however our visit there was timely, bringing a lot of encouragement to our partners and to those we shared with. Our time was spent visiting the Hope Centre, preaching in local churches and providing training for local pastors some of who cycled 4 hours each way to church every day.


The Hope Centre
It was so good to spend a few hours visiting the Hope Centre.  Everyone was so please to see us and entertained us with songs and dancing.  The homes, although still standing strong, could do with a facelift since the paintwork is tired.  Maybe there is a team of volunteers who can raise some funds and go any freshen the place up?


Lucien Graduates!
One of the ‘kids’ from the Hope Centre has now grown up and has successfully completed his university studies.  Lucien, now qualified in nursing was excited to show us his certificate, he had graduated the previous day and still had the gown to hand which he donned without even being asked!  We made a short video of an interview with him which should appear soon on our website.  Can you help provide funding for a student to go to university?  £1500-£2000 will cover a 2-3 year course.  Please consider how you can help a bright student begin a successful career.  Lucien was so grateful to his sponsor since he will be starting a job soon in his chosen nursing career as well as provide some medical cover for the children at Hope Centre.


At home we have been visiting many Church of Scotland Guilds over the last few months.  In fact from start to finish this session we will have visited over 100 Guilds up and down the country.  The partnership we have with the Guild is designed to bring support Mission International’s Haiti Project.


Summer teams
A team of preachers (as well as those with other skills) will be heading for Kenya  during May & June 2016.  The team will visit projects and churches in Nairobi, Narok and Kisumu where they will preach the Gospel, teach the church and support church leaders in their ministry.  Other tea members will deliver a wide range of skills, including medical skills, to the wider community.  The team will be in Kenya for 3 weeks and will serve those with disabilities as part of their ministry there.

A Mission Medics team is being planned for later in the year too on which there are still places available.


Kandaria School Success!
Recent news from Kandaria, near Kisumu in Kenya, states that all of the children from the school have passed their national exams.  The school wishes to express their thanks for the on-going support received via Mission International.  A recent Scottish school group visited them and left computers and further to that an electricity supply was funded and classrooms built.


Malawi Vocational Skills:
Many people are suffering in rural Malawi due to drought.   Lots of young people are uneducated and are therefore lost to the community and the nation.   This venture will help train a number of young people and provide them with the skills to make a living for themselves.  A small vocational skills centre will be set up in Migowi where both young men and women will receive skills training from qualified trainers.


Stop Press! 19th March 2016
Awaken the Force!…Free!
St Peter’s, Dundee is holding a Mission Conference on 19th March 2016 with keynote speaker David Meredith Director of Mission with the Free Church of Scotland, and a number of other seminar speakers.  There is no cost to come to the conference, however if you require lunch to be provided you need to book in advance at a cost of £5.00. 

David Robertson: Apologetics 101
Rona Matheson: Women for Mission
Harry Mealyea: Islam
Alberto de Paulo: Church & Mission in S. America
Lots more on our website!
You can find lots more information on the Mission-international.org website.  There is a prayer page, a news page and our twitter feed is present there too.