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Hello from Massachusetts!  Read on for outdoor audio articles, and Infocomm show info...


See you at Infocomm 2019! –
Booth 5442

Once again the Proaudio tribe assembles in the humidity of Florida to view the latest audio and video hardware at Infocomm. Stop by and see us!  You can lift and listen to the incredibly light DragonFly PA, A/B the loudspeakers, and tell us about your extreme outdoor applications.  We look forward to welcoming you at booth 5442.

The PowerChiton waterproof amplifier line has more power options, and available advanced wireless networking. 

DragonFly now offers switchable EQ with ‘voice’ and ‘full-range’ settings, and has even better max SPL, while Schedulon automatic audio player now plays and records 16 bit stereo WAV files at 48Khz, along with playing OGG and MP3 files as before.   

Vernal 15 is now the ‘super Vernal’ with even more output from the same tiny, weatherproof package.  Most of our loudspeakers and subs now offer 10-25% improved max SPL, efficiency, and more. 

Orange County Convetion Center, Orlando FL

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and even more articles.


Let us know how we can assist  with your Spring audio projects - we're here to help.


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P.S. Did you know that Technomad makes every order at our Massachusetts factory?  Building for the US and for the world since 1995 in the Bay State.  


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Wireless Audio  Networking:  http://www.technomad.com/products/wireless-audio/ 

Turn-Key PA Systems: http://www.technomad.com/products/systems/

Weatherproof Loudspeakers: http://www.technomad.com/products/

Schedulon Automatic Player-Recorder: http://www.technomad.com/products/schedulon/

PowerChiton Weatherproof Amplifiers: http://www.technomad.com/products/powerchiton/

DragonFly Portable Weatherproof PA: http://www.technomad.com/products/dragonfly

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