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Vision House is Growing!

Thanks for your interest and partnership.

We have seen consistent growth in our business over the years and we are excited to announce that we’re looking for some help.  We have great respect for our talented and successful clients, so we thought you would be another great resource for referring us to potential employees. We’re looking for someone with skills in any and all areas of video production and web design, so if you know someone, give me a shout.

4k, 8k or HDR - More pixels or better pixels?
More Pixels or Better Pixels?  That is the question...

The resolution craze seems to be insatiable.  From 480p to 720p to "Full" 1080... there seems to be no end to the pixel pushing hype.  Consumers and corporate marketers are driving a new push to sell Ultra 4K televisions at a time when broadcasters and local media markets have just finally settled into their new HD equipment and workflows.  Netflix is streaming 4K movies. Apple has released a new computer with a 5K screen and their latest Mac Pro is configured to handle multiple 4K. Ultra resolution televisions are dropping in price and the market seems to be warming to the idea of another format.. even as the subject of 8K starts to enter the discussion.  But do we really need 8K? Is it even useful in a home theater situation? Or do we need higher quality images? Most people believe higher resolution is the way to go... but maybe we need a better picture first. Heres why...


Do I need a website redesign?
“My site is a little old… do I need a redesign?” We hear this question all the time. And the answer is…

It depends.  Haha… of course, right? There are lots of variables to consider, but I think most people are intuitively aware when their website is getting outdated. Article titles like this start to stand out to them. They start to feel anxiety about the messages their site may be sending (like “out of touch” or “irrelevant”). They find themselves slow to refer potential clients to the site, handing out line cards instead. 

Usually in the 2-3 year mark the design begins to show some age and in the 3-5 it can become downright painful! But some people really aren’t as aware of design trends as others may be and they depend on us to give them solid direction about the state of their site. Our recommendations vary depending on the type of business you’re in (non-profit vs resort destination) and by the type of site you have (highly creative or classic design). Depending on where you fall in this range your site will have considerably more or less shelf life. Here are some guidelines…


Social Media
Does Web Video Really Impact SEO?


If you're still one of the skeptics wondering how video marketing impacts SEO, you'll be amazed at this data point: Last year during the month of January, there were about 40 billion videos watched online in the United States. When you break that down further, that means the average person watches about four videos a day online. Web video is powerful, and it dramatically improves your website search rankings. But how?

Part of Google’s ever-changing algorithms revolve around social signals. What happens when you see a cool video? You share it on Facebook. You Tweet it to your Twitter followers. You want to get the word out to as many people as you possibly can. Right?


Upgrade or switch to HTML?
Are You Running an Old Version of Joomla (1.5.x)?
If so, your site is vulnerable to malware attacks.

Vision House spends countless hours behind the scenes updating CMS sites and proactively securing servers.  Most of the time our clients aren't even aware of the attacks that occur on a regular basis, sometiems worldwide in scale.  But let me assure you, these attacks are relentless and ongoing!  We employ industry best practices and more, but if you are running an older version of Joomla (1.5.x), then the underlying Joomla code is outdated and you need to upgrade or switch platforms. If this appplies to you, read on...

Our site is old… DO WE NEED TO DO THIS NOW? 

Well, it’s pretty significant and will only get worse over time.  You’ll probably be okay for now...but please understand that a Joomla 1.5.x site is obsolete and no longer receiving security updates. We have several options for you- and sticking with your current version is certainly one of them- but it probably isn’t a good choice for the long term.  

What If I "Do Nothing"… and get hacked?

We will always be here to help if something happens. In the event of a security breach, we’ll do everything possible to fix your site quickly and painlessly.  But the chances of a costly hack or malware exploit will continue to rise as hackers discover new vulnerabilities. Any undeteced malware can damage your online business reputation and SEO if not detected and fixed promptly.  We can generally fix a hacked site, but please note: for those that host with us (or any other host) your support time likely won’t cover the associated costs.  

  • Professional graphic designs

  • GIF product animations

  • Motion graphics videos

  • Hero or header animations

  • Banner designs

  • Web videos

  • Plus options for discounted SEO, Social Media,  Campaign Management and Blogging

If you’re still unsure what all of this means, just give us a call and we’ll explain your options and help you decide.  Call us at 513-252-2970 or 513-850-3015


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